Listening to radio stations from the Americas


This blog is intended for DX-listeners interested in North, Central (including the Caribbean Islands) and South American radio stations. My name is Jan-Erik Österholm (66). I have been an active DX-er since 1963 and since 1968 my DX-focus has almost entirely been on Central and South American SW and AM (since year 1996 almost entirely AM) stations. Close behind the above mentioned LA-DX my focus of interest has been on North American AM stations.During my DX-career, now spanning almost 50 years, I have received more than 3500 verifications from radio stations from all around the world. Of these verifications, close to 3000 come from the Americas. An intension of this blog is, as time progresses, to share with you my experiences in DX-ing towards the Americas including both old and fresh stuff. I know that you understand that putting up an interesting blog is an iterative process which will unfold as the time passes.I hope you’ll enjoy and that you show patience. Comments are most welcome.I live in the City of Borgå (Porvoo in Finnish) some 50 km east of Finland’s Capital City Helsinki. Borgå is the second oldest city in Finland founded 1346 AC with around 50.000 inhabitants situated by the Gulf of Finland. My family consists of my wife Heidi and our two grown-up daughters Anna, (Ph.D in Chemistry), married to Antri,  and Lotta (MSc in Political Sciences) married to Mikko . Heidi has been the perfect companion in everything we have gone through since we met in 1974. She is almost as an experienced DX-er as myself despite that she has only been following my activities on the bands from a distance but she knows about the A- and K-indices, E-skips etc. and she has a relatively sharp ear when helping me with some tricky identifications.

LRI371 Radio Amanecer, Reconquista, SF ARG 1290

L---- Radio Amanecer 1290

On February 15, 2016, during LEM367, I heard a SS station with a TOH at 0602 UTC giving both AM and FM frequencies.  I assumed, after a first quick check, that the ID came from the ARG super dominant here, R Murialdo. The call signs and the FM frequency, however, did not match with Murialdo and after a second check the ID was solid “R Amanecer, LRI371 AM 1290 kHz, LRI304 FM 92.7 MHz, Reconquista, Argentina”. As far as I know, this station has not been heard in Finland before. Even though WRTH claims that the station has a s/off at 04 UTC, it proves to be inaccurate. WRTH also inaccurately claims that Murialdo signs off at 03 UTC but they carry Radio Católica Mundial programming between 03-06 UTC before returning back to the regular schedule. During some 20 minutes there was, however, no sign of Murialdo on February 15, so one can talk about spot pre-sunrise cx! An e-mail from Fernando Buquerin confirmed my reception report, becoming my Argentina QSL # 180!

ZYK372 Rádio Chiru, Palmitinho, RS BRA 1380

Radio Chiru AM 1380

Heard during LEM367 on February 19, 2016. This channel is occupied by a handful Brazilians regularly heard in Finland, but R Chiru has been heard before only a couple of times. A FB message confirmed my report.

L—- Radio Renacer, Moreno, BA ARG 1340

L---- Renacer AM 1340

As previously mentioned, February 15, 2016 proved to be an excellent date for rare catches from Argentina, especially just around 06 UTC, i.e., before local sunrise in Lemmenjoki. In a mess of stations on 1340 I was lucky t0 hear the ID “AM Renacer, la radio” at 0608 UTC minutes before the band died! According to Nicolás, one of the stations operators, the station is now on 1310 AM since March 2016.


LRI218 Radio Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, BA ARG 1240

Radio Univesidad Nacional del Sur 1240

During LEM367 on February 15 very selective cx towards Argentina was observed around 02-04 UTC and between 06-0615 UTC just before the band died in Lemmenjoki. I heard at least six for mew Arentinians during this opening. One of them was Radio Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, BA on 1240. The station faded alone on the frequency for more than an hour with a weak signal and with no interferencies from, e.g., R Paysandú, Cadena Uno or Brazilians. At 0247 I heard a nice ID “En el aire, AM 1240 R Universidad del Sur” followed by a PSA including several mentions of their www-address “”. Andrea Romero, periodista confirmed my report with an email. Gracias Andrea!

L—- Radio Zorobabel, Estebán EchevarrÍa, BA ARG 1540

Radio Zorobabel 1540

On February 15, 2016 during LEM367 I was surprised by hearing a new Argentinian on AM 1540 fading up over a Brazilian at 0301 UTC: Radio Zorobabel in Estebán Eschevarría (Monte Grande), BA. The station pulled out a TOH id before disappering: “Radio Zorobabel, AM 1540, Estebán Echevarría”. The dominant Argentinian here is R Mon, Pergamino but there was now sign of it between 02 and 04 UTC that night! Zorobabel Pastor Juan Perez kindly conformed my mp3 with a FB message. Gracias Juan!

ZYJ762 Rádio Litoral, Imaruí, SC, BRA 1320

ZYJ762 Radio Litoral 1320

During LEM367 in February 2016 there were a couple of good openings towards Brazil, especially on February 14, 15 and 16. 1320 gave me two new Brazilians, both from the State of Santa Catarina. On February 14 R Vitória, Videira was heard for more than an hour mixed with Imaculada Conceicão. The night after, February 15, R Litoral was in turn to be mixed with Imaculada Conceicão. Many TCs and also a full ID where one even mentions the 9kW power of the station as also correctly listed in WRTH. Santa Catarina is not a big state in Brazil what comes to the area and so hearing both stations listed on 1320 was a jack-pot. Videira is located in the heart of the state while Imarui lies on the coast just south of Florianópolis. A nice FB message was received today. Muito Obrigado Rádio Litoral!

ZYJ490 Super Rádio Tupi, Rio Bonito, RJ BRA 1340

ZYJ490 Super Radio Tupi 1340

Super R Tupi was surprisingly heard with a decent signal on 1340 here in Borgå on May 26, 2016 around 01 UTC. At the time the cx was very specific towards the State of Rio de Janeiro with rare stations also logged on , e.g., 1450 and 1580 as mentioned in a previous post. My audio mp3 was confirmed by Guido Mendes who among other things wrote “We are in the process of migrating to FM, since there are ongoing changes in the broadcasting system in Brazil”. Depressing news indeed for a fan of Brazilian AM Radio.