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Radio Hulha Negra 1450

Rádio Hulha Negra on 1450 has been heard now and then but is definitely not an easy catch as is no BRA on 1450. Jari Ruohomäki was probably the first to log this in Finland and Ole Forr in Scandinavia a little bit earlier some 5-6 years ago if my aging memory is correct. I have heard the station a couple of times since my first logging on January 28, 2008 during PÄ’s and mine LEM258 pedition.

Cricúma  is a city  in the state of Santa Catarina located 180 km south of Florianópolis and some 900 km south of São Paulo. The city is the center of Brazil’s flooring and home materials industry, and is the second-largest such center in the world.

I have sent several reports by email to Rádio Hulha Negro without response. Finally, a week ago a Facebook message arrived telling me that my previous messages had been regarded as spams with the included mp3 and photos. Maybe it is worthwhile to report stations without files that throw them into the trash can? Anyway a most wanted response from my BRA QSL # 11 on 1450!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Bienvenidos a Radio Norteña AM 1520

La radio de todos los residentes provincianos.

The logging of Radio Norteña on November 14 during the last hours of my LEM334 pedition came as a total surprise. After previously having heard Gualeguay, Metropolitana, Chascomus and Fortaleza here from ARG I certainly did not expect this. Transmitting from Los Polvorines, a district in the northeast corner of Provincia de Buenos Aires the station serves the community for “immigrants” from Argentina’s “folklore centre”, Santiago del Estero to the Greater BA area. The program heard was “El Rincón Santiagueño”  together with the stations ID including the web address “radionorteñ” (actually it should be but the .ar was left out in the announcement!).

Last night I got a confirmation of my rather good mp3 from the stations head José Barraza. Mil gracias José! And big thanks to Henrik Klemetz for picking out some additional program details!


WLRP Radio Raíces, San Sebastián 1460 was a most wanted catch on November 4, 2013 during the nice Caribbean opening giving many PR-stations including also WDNO 960 and  WOSO 103o in addition to WTIL 1300 and of course the more common ones. Three personal new PR-loggings was a jack-pot for me. As we all know, 1460 is a frequency that almost always is totally blocked by Nuevo Continente in Bogotá and very few other stations has been logged in the Nordic countries what comes to Orinoco- and Central America/Caribbean stations.

My hearing was instantly confirmed by a very nice email from Ramón Edwin Colón Pratts who, among others, tells that he and his wife Ivelisse Rodriguez Droz some years ago visited, apparently during a Sea Cruise, both Helsinki and Stockholm as well as St. Petersburg and Tallinn!

The station can be found at However, as of now, I have not been able to check it out because Google informs  “server not found”.

Gracias Ramón por su respuesta!!!

Radio Cidade Palmital 1190

Rádio Cidade, Palmital, PR 1190 was a new Brazilian logging for me on October 25, 2012 during the LEM319 pedition. There are two Rádio Cidade on 1190 but fortunately they have different prefixes which made the identification easy. During cx towards Brazil and La Plata the king on the frequency is without doubt R América in Buenos Aires. América makes Brazilian loggings from the southern states Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul quite challenging. The mostly heard BRA on 1190 in Scandinavia is R Juazeiro in the State of Bahía followed by R Rio Vermelho in the State of Goias. There are close to 20 BRA stations listed on 1190 so it is a most interesting frequency to watch closely!

I  am pretty slow in reporting stations nowadays since I find it less interesting than listening live and to the wast amount of files that never will be scrutinized to the point. However, I some days ago sent a mp3 to Rádio Cidade and it was rapidly confirmed. More info about the station can be found at

WDNO 960

WDNO AM 960 is transmitting from Quebradillas(-Camuy), Puerto Rico. Quebradillas is known as “La Guarida del Pirata” (the pirate’s hideout) and “La Ciudad del Cooperativismo” (the cooperativism city). This town derives its name from the large amount of streams that run through the town. The name literally means “small streams”. Quebradillas is bordering the Atlantic Ocean, north of San Sebastiánl; east of Isabela; and west of Camuy.

WDNO – 960 AM Solo Escúchanos – has surprisingly been heard several times by listeners in Norway, Sweden and Finland during the last few years. The station has a non-directional pattern and according to WRTH transmitting 1/1.7 kW. The pattern is a plus for skips to make it all the way up north but the power is rather low on such a low AM frequency. Maybe the solar maximum has helped.

On November 4, 2013 during LEM333 I was able to hear WDNO during the nearly only reasonable opening towards the Caribbean and Orinoco during two weeks. The higher than normal proton levels effectively blocked interference from US/Canada so no sign of frequency dominants such as, e.g., WEAV Plattsburgh NY. During the same period also WOSO San Juan 1030 was heard without WBZ interference and WLRP San Sebastián 1460 with no sign of e.g. Colombian Nuevo Continente.

A short email confirmation was rapidly received from WDNO signed by Kitzi J. Díaz Ríos, Asistente Administrativo. Gracias Kitzi!!



During the LEM333 and LEM334 pedition to Lemmenjoki  November 2-16, 2013 we encountered very disturbed conditions due to the higher than normal proton levels. As a result, with a few exceptions, the conditions were almost all the time pushed south towards the southern states of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay so the 255 degree antenna was mostly the only one catching trans-Atlantic signals. To hear anything from US/Canada was hopeless. During proton activity the northerly path over the Pole becomes blocked, the more north you are the worse.

The good thing with this situation was, however,  that many nice catches were done south of North America and especially from LP/Brazil and also, during a couple of occasions, from the Caribbean and Perú.

On new catch for me was that of LV15 Radio Villa Mercedes in the Province of San Luís, Argentina on 640 on November 3, 2013.The station was surprisingly alone on the frequency without any interference from the normally dominating “super power” in Porto Alegre, RS. I captured a nice legal ID “Radio Diez, la Radio. LV15 Radio Villa Mercedes AM 640 y FM 99.9 y en todo El Mundo”.

A nice FB confirmation was received last night: “Hola Jan-Erik! Recibimos su mensaje y lo leímos al aire. Qué alegría saber que nuestra señal llegó tan lejos. Efectivamente nuestra emisora se llama LV15 Radio Villa Mercedes AM 640 y transmite desde dicha localidad en la Provincia de San Luis (Argentina). Le enviamos un afectuoso saludo y gracias por escribirnos! Miguel Gauna, Locutor”. Mil gracias Miguel!

Radio General Belgrano

Radio General Belgrano was heard in Lemmenjoki at least on two occasions during LEM317 in February 2012 by Pertti Äyräs and myself. Finally some time ago,  I received a confirmation via Facebook from this last and most wanted and missing listed ARG on AM 840. Thanks to Jari Ruohomäki for help with the FB contact.

Z86 860

During Pertti Äyräs’ and my best LEM-pedition ever January 24-February 7, 2009 we had absolutely excellent condition on, e.g., January 31, 2009 towards the Caribbean and Central America with stations such as HOXO La Voz del Isthmo 760, Jamaica 700 and 720, St. Vincent 700, CBC R 900 Barbados etc etc. On 860 I heard a station with carrying programming in Papiament0 and it was of course Z86 in Willemstad, Curacao.

Since I got no ID but the signal was relatively strong I have saved the audio file in my UNID-folders. Håkan Sundman recently got an answer from Z86 from David Clementina so I sent David an mp3 audio of what I heard on January 31, 2009. He immediately confirmed my hearing as Z86.

Unfortunately I heard this before Curacao became independent (October 10, 2010) so I cannot count it as a new radio country for myself. But a nice station to add to the collection.

Thanks Håkan and especially David!!!