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Monthly Archives: January 2015

HJBH Radio Magdalena 1420

Radio Magdalena was heard with good signal on October 24, 2014 in Lemmenjoki. The station is quite regularly heard on 1420 in Finland as is Vida AM in Manizaleas. Magdalena was first logged in Finland in January 1987 and the first reported QSL from the station was received by Pekka Kostiainen (PK), then under the name Caracol Santa Marta, in 1993. During the last couple of years the station has re-taken the old name R Magdalena which is nice. I personally wish that all HJ-stations belonging to the big chains Caracol, RCN and Colmundo etc would to the same.

Surprisingly I found that I never had reported Caracol Santa Marta even though I have heard it several times both in Lapland and in my home QTH so now I sent a report to R Magdalena and received a confirmation.

Radio_La_Vega 870

Radio La Vega 870 AM was heard both during LEM274 and LEM 290 in late January 2009 and 2010. The stations transmitter site is located in the city of La Vega located almost mid-way between Santiago de Los Caballeros  and Santo Domingo.  Radio La Vega belongs to Medrano Group that also owns another DR-station logged in the Nordic countries namely R Olimpica, La Vega on 970. A couple of weeks ago I received a confirmation on my reception of R La Vega after a f/up.

Jari Ruohomäki (JPR) made the first logging of R La Vega in Finland on November 11, 2007. The by far most common stations from the Caribbean Islands on 870 are R Reloj, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba and WQBS San Juan, Puerto Rico.


ZYH661 Radio Pitaguary

During a good Brazil-opening on November 6, 2013 (LEM333) Rádio Pitaguary was heard with a nice TOH id on 1340. Jari Ruohomäki (JPR) was the first one to catch this in October 2007 and the station has been logged every now and then since then. 1340 is not the easiest frequency for Brazilians. However,  a few other stations have been logged during the past 10 years, such as CBN Porto Alegre RS and R Clube de Sâo Luis MA. In the 60’s and 70’s 1340 used to be the home of R Guaraní, Belo Horizonte, MG which in those days was one of the most common AM Brazilian stations. Guaraní nowadays resides on 1190 where it is a very rare catch.

I received a FB message from Pitaguary.

Fuego 1160

Fuego AM (ex. Ecos de Colombia, exx. El Mundo en Bogotá, exxx. Total etc) ) is logged every now and then on 1160. Also two other Colombians have been logged a couple of times  in the Nordic countries during the past couple of years: R Aeropuerto, Barranquilla and Frequencia Bolivariana, Montería but these are by far more rare here as is R Unica, Cali logged in Finland 2006. Received a FB message from Fuego AM.