Listening to radio stations from the Americas

Monthly Archives: June 2016

Radio Vitoria 1320

1320 has produced several new Brazilian loggings for me lately. R Vitória in Videira and R Litoral in Imaruí, both in the southern state of Santa Catarina and also the more northerly Nova R Cultura in São José de Egito in Pernambuco. On February 14, 2016 R Vitória emerged during LEM367 with a TOH-id at 0104 and was then heard for almost one hour giving several ID’s. No sign of the more common R Regionals in Sobral, CE and Cicero Dantas, BA. Ramon Bonassi kindly confirmed my audio via FB.

ZYL286 Radio Difusora 1420

This station is heard every now and then in Finland, especially in Lemmenjoki. Thje most common Brazilian on 1420 is R Guarujá, Florianópolis, SC. During a very good and selective opening towards especially the state of Rio de Janeiro on May 26, 2016 noted in Sarfsalö outside Borgå at around 01 UTC R Difusora came up with a full legal ID at 0101 UTC. The mp3 was confirmed via FB.

Radio Macambira 1020

This frequency has offered around 20 stations from Latin America during the last years here in Finland. Most of the loggings have, of course, been done in Lemmenjoki, Lapland, using our excellent 255 degree LP-antenna. Many times during good LP-cx R Nañduti in Asunción delivers an annoying interference from it’s split on 1020.1v. I logged R Macambira on February 16, 2016 at around 2230 UTC in Lemmenjoki during  a strong opening towards the northeastern corner of Brasil. A short FB-greeting was received yesterday confirming my mp3 message to the station.

Radio Feliz 1450

R Feliz in Santo Antônio de Pádua, RJ was suprisingly heard in Sarvsalö, in the Borgå archipelago in my friend John Hjort´s summer QTH, on May 26, 2016. That date the cx were truly interesting. Around 0040 UTC some frequencies were waking up and at around 01 UTC the band was filled with Brazilians on almost every 10 frequency between 1250 and 1600!. After analyzing the recordings it became apparent, that the cx around 01 UTC was centered around the state of Rio de Janeiro and neighboring Sâo Paulo and Minas Gerais. This is very unusual in Finland. Normally specific cx towards Brazil hits the Northern states RN, CE, PB, PE or the Southern states RS, SC and PR, the latter especially in Lapland.

May 26, 2016 gave three very uncommon RJ-stations, namely R Feliz 1450, Super R Tupi, Rio Bonito 1340 and Resende AM, Resende 1580. In the case of Feliz and Resende AM only the call letters ZYJ503 and ZYJ506, respectively, were clearly identified. A confirmation on my mp3 audio to R Feliz was received yesterday. On 1450 the most common Brazilians in Finland during the last few years have been ZYI561 Radio Paraense AM, Castanhal PA and ZYJ822 R Hulha Negra, Criciúma SC. Thanks to Henrik Klemetz and Jari Ruohomäki for confirming the station identity.