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Radio Onda Azul was heard on January 21, 2018 in Lemmenjoki with a pretty good signal on AM 640 for some 20 mintues. around 0730 UTC. The station was previously heard in the Nordic region on shortwaves 4801v kHz 1989-1991, but this was the first AM logging of the station. The program heard at this date and time was “Rutas de Recuerdo” with the anchor Sinecio Bustinza with whom I and Henrik Klemetz have had an intensive contact since the date of my reception report to the station in early February 2018. Below a couple of audio clips including one sent by Sinecio on my birthday March 4 2018.

Radio San Luís was heard on January 21, 2018 during LEM393. The station was heard with more or less steady signal between 0730-0830 UTC and my reception report was confirmed by Luchito Torres, Conductor de Radio.


Simultaneously with the logging of Radio La Voz del Allincapac 770 in the same City of Macusani, Radio Altura with 1000 watts was fading upp for more than 10 minutes on 730, a frequency hosted by several strong stations such as Montreal, Bogotá etc. The station announced, e.g., the web address “” on January 24, 2018. Also for this small peruvian several tries to get a confirmation was executed and finally a short message arrived via Messenger.

OAU6X R Candarave transmitting from Ilabaya (Tacna) on AM 1300 was heard with a decent signal in Sarvsalö on November 28, 2016 during a strong opening. After som tries Eddy Reyes confirmed my reception with a nice email containing also two studio audio files.

Buenas tardes amigo Jan-Erik Österholm, nosotros contentos de haber recibido su mensaje y saber que nos puede escuchar desde tan lejos, y si, efectivamente, somos radio candarave y transmitimos en los 1300 de la amplitud modulada desde el asiento minero de toquepala, centro poblado que pertenece al distrito de Ilabaya, Provincia Jorge Basadre, región de Tacna – Perú. Saludamos también a su familia, su esposa Heidi y sus hijas Anna y Lotta. Adjuntamos una promoción de la radio para confirmar su mensaje. Atte, Eddy Reyes. Muchas gracias Eddy. Thanks also to Henrik Klemetz and Fredrik Dourén for discussions related to Radio Candarave.



Radio Maria Peru

R Maria Peru was heard simultaneously on 1550 and 1560 on April 27, 2015  in Sarvsalö/Borgå. Even though Bolivian Bendita Trinidad on 1540 was heard with moderate signals, the conditions this morning favored the southern parts of Perú but did not reach Bolivia (with the exception of Bendita). I anticipated, during my first check of the file, that the station on 1550 was R Independencia, Lima. After checking also 1560 I realized, that I had the same station on two neighboring frequencies. Checking the recordings carefully I found the ID “R Maria Perú” and “En Huancayo 1240 AM, en Talara 104.5 FM” What a coincidence! I received a FB message confirming my receptions of R Maria Peru on 1550 and 1560 with a notice that a letter had been sent to me my ordinary mail. On May 18 Pertti Äyräs noticed OAM7D R San Sebastian in Livitaca/Cusco on this frequency, a station that has been reported heard also in Sweden. On 1560 the new bolivian R Luz del Mundo(started officially on May 16), with it’s new transmitter and 5 kW, will make hearing R Maria here again much more difficult.

Radio Programas del Peru

After many months I surprisingly got a short message via Facebook thanking for my reports on RPP Chiclayo 870, RPP Pilcamayo 1140.250 and RRP Tumbes 1290. Chiclayo and Tumbes were logged in Lemmenjoki, Pilcamayo in my home QTH in Borgå.

Radio Bacan SAT 1320  Radio Bacan Huancayo_2 1320

On April 1-3.2014 propagation towards Perú and also Ecuador was good. One of the stations noticed was R Bacán SAT with transmitting from Huancayo on 1320. The exact split is ca 1319.945v and happens to be almost exactly the same split as R Perú in Juliaca. This time, on April 3 around 03 UTC,  Bacán SAT was reasonably strong with programming // with the more common Lima-region Bacán SAT on 1129.93v. A very nice reply was received promptly from Maribel Gonzales: a long letter and about 10 nice pictures. Mil gracias Maribel!!!

Chami Radio 1140

During LEM334 we experienced a rather interesting opening towards Peru on November 13 around 05 UTC. At that time the band was rather quiet  with weak signals from several stations many of them that turned out to be Peruvians. A surprisingly strong signal was noted on 1140 and turned out to be Chami Radio transmitting from the city of Otuzco in the department of La Libertad situated in the northern highlands of Peru.

Together with Santa Rosa 1500v, TurboMix 1540v and Bethel 1570, Chami Radio was booming in on 1140 for about half an hour giving very frequent  ID´s: “Chami Radio – Señal de Libertad”.

A Facebook confirmation was received confirming my reception. Thank you Chami Radio!!

Below a mp3 containing the station’s ID as received in Lemmenjoki.

Radio Lider 970

During LEM334 we had a pretty nice opening towards Perú between 0430-0600 UTC on November 13. The common peruvians such as Santa Rosa 1500v, Turbo Mix 1540.5 and Bethel 1570 were noted with huge signals. A very surprising log was Chami R, Otuzco, La Libertad completely alone on 1140 sharp. R Moderna, Lima was noted on 930 and last but not least of the files checked so far: Radio Líder in Cajamarca on 970, also this station alone on the frequency. The signal was relatively weak but clear. Thanks Henrik Klemetz for also verifying my hearing!

Yesterday I received a short Facebook message from Radio Líder telling: “Recibido su mensaje Sr. Jan-Erik! Saludos para ud. y toda su familia. Gracias por escribirnos, nos alegra mucho y nos anima a seguir adelante. Saludos desde Cajamarca, Perú!”


I heard Radio Santa Beatriz on 1350 AM (actually on a clear split below 1350)  in early February 2012 in Lemmenjoki during LEM317. At that time the signal was rather weak, however both the AM and FM frequency was clearly announced. Later I also have managed to hear the station in my home QTH in Borgå. The station is part of Radiodifusora El Sur to which also e.g. Radio Las Vegas also in Cusco belongs. After several tries I finally got a confirmation on my reception from José Raul Tapia Acurio. Gracias José!