Radio Lider 970

During LEM334 we had a pretty nice opening towards Perú between 0430-0600 UTC on November 13. The common peruvians such as Santa Rosa 1500v, Turbo Mix 1540.5 and Bethel 1570 were noted with huge signals. A very surprising log was Chami R, Otuzco, La Libertad completely alone on 1140 sharp. R Moderna, Lima was noted on 930 and last but not least of the files checked so far: Radio Líder in Cajamarca on 970, also this station alone on the frequency. The signal was relatively weak but clear. Thanks Henrik Klemetz for also verifying my hearing!

Yesterday I received a short Facebook message from Radio Líder telling: “Recibido su mensaje Sr. Jan-Erik! Saludos para ud. y toda su familia. Gracias por escribirnos, nos alegra mucho y nos anima a seguir adelante. Saludos desde Cajamarca, Perú!”