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A very nice confirmation was received yesterday from Fred Lark, the owner of KXLO Lewistown, MT transmitting on AM 1230. KXLO was heard last October in Lemmenjoki with a pretty good signal during our specific conditions towards the state of especially Montana.

Fred writes : “Wonderful to hear from you…..YES, that’s KXLO on your audio  ….  I use shortwave (hmmm. Ed.) from time to time. And, of course, you can always listen to our stream……on KXLO-KLCM.COM… remember you can tell your kids to listen in anytime anywhere, …yes, we have apps for your smart phones too.  Many streams no longer can use the Java APP since providers are working toward other advances for listening/viewing on smart phone. I’ve a Bionic that does all I want, I understand Europe is far ahead of the US,….I also deal in satellite phones.     If you ever get to America again, come on out to the Big Sky Country you’d love it, it’s cold, much snow, and mountains…something you should feel at home with!Keep on listening, it’s much appreciated. Take care, Be safe…….

WCHP 760

WCHP on 760 is a quite commonly heard  so called day timer station here in Scandinavia, especially during the autumn months when  the station usually closes down around 21.15 UTC. I was lucky to hear the c/d of WCHP in 2011 and even more luck to get a confirmation from Terri Billiter, WCHP General Manager recently.

States Terri: “This confirms your reception of the WCHP 760AM signal.
It is amazing you heard that portion correctly word for word.  I commend
you and your family for pursuing such impressive advanced educations.  We
are a Christian formatted radio station and I urge you and your family
to seek the true wisdom that comes only from God and His son Jesus Christ.
John 3:16, Psalm 46:10”.

WHEW was surprisingly heard in October 2011 in Lemmenjoki on 1380 with a simple “La Raza 13-80 más música”. The station was also logged during the same period by at least Hannu Niilekselä, Tuomo Ahonen, Håkan Sundman and Jan Oscarsson (the latter in Parkalompolo, Sweden, I presume).
Hannu Niilekselä provided the correct e-mail address to station owner Salvador Guzman who responded almost immediately and confirmed my included mp3 audio file. Salvador notes that “In November 01 2012 WHEW 1380 AM, changed radio station name. We are now WHEW BONITA 1380 AM, 1811 Carters Creek pike, Franklin Tennessee, USA 37064” and continues by proposing the establishment of THE LATINO 1380 AM NORTH POLE RECEPTORS CLUB among Scandinavian DX-ers catching WHEW.
Thanks Salvador for a very nice communication!

XEQIN 1160

XEQIN La Voz del Valle in San Quintin, Baja California Norte on 1160 was a nice surprise when logged during the LEM274 pedition together with Pertti Äyräs in February 2009 around 13 UTC on 1160 without a sign of the frequency dominant KSL Salt Lake City.

San Quintín is a coastal town on the west coast of the Mexican state of Baja California in the municipio of Ensenada som 300 km south of Tijuana.

The confirmation I received yesterday is thanks to Håkan Sundman (HS) who provided me with a fresh email-address. Thanks Håkan.


KULY AM 1420

KULY Ulysses is a KS station heard a couple of times almost every season in Scandinavia despite the super dominants on 1420 such as WOC, KTOE, WHK etc. The station was heard several times during our LEM319 pedition last October giving its TOH ID “Your Home for Southwestern Kansas Real Country KULY Ulysses 14-20 AM”. Station Manager Bob Dale confirmed my audio clip. Thanks Bob!