Listening to radio stations from the Americas

Monthly Archives: September 2013

ZYJ674 Radio Vilhena

Radio Vilhena AM 1450 transmits from the city with the same name and thesite lies in the easternmost part of Rondonia. Radio Vilhena has been heard a couple of times in Scandinavia. If I remember correctly, Ole Forr in Norway was the first, or among the first,to catch the station more than 10 years ago. My own reception stems from one of the recent peditions to Lemmenjoki. A short confirmation recently arrived (thanks JPR!) and became my verified Brazilian # 10 on 1450.

CB800 Radio Maria 800

This station was a surprise on a difficult frequency, namely 800. A frequency dominated by MEC in Rio de Janeiro during cx towards La Plata and Brasil and TWR Bonaire during more northerly cx. This tends , at least for me, to mostly “skip over the frequency” when searching for something new. In early February 2011 I heard a station in Lemmenjoki heavily disturbed by TWR which turned out to be R Maria transmitting from Vina del Mar in Chile. Fortunately María carried an id also including the magical word “Chile”. During the time of reception I also heard, e.g., R Cooperativa, Valparaíso on 730 and BBN R, Vina del Mar (note, NOT Bogotá!) during a short and selective opening towards the middle coastal of Chile. I just recently got a short Facebook confirmation of this encounter with Radio Maria. Interestingly enough, Hannu Niilekselä managed to catch R María in El Salvador on 800 a couple of years ago. This shows that no frequency should be left non-scrutinized. Magic happens! Thanks Henrik Klemetz and Jari Ruohomäki for listening to my audio of this rare station from Chile.

KHJ 930

KHJ Los Angeles “La Ranchera 9-30” surprised with a nice signal on October 25, 2012 during LEM319 completely alone on the frequency which is unusal, taking into account “powerhouses” such as especially CJCA Edmonton but also  KSEI Pocatello ID during cx towards the Mountain states of the US . Winter Horton, COO, Liberman Broadcasting, Inc confirmed my reception rapidly. Thanks Winter for your confirmation.


HJFZ Radio Condor 1540

On February 25, 2013 during the LEM330 pedition I managed to hear HJFX Radio Cóndor, Manizales around 05 UTC. Henrik Klemetz digged out some useful program details. The station announced it will play Rahmaninov’s “concierto para piano y orquestra Nro. 2” as part of the program Concierto de la Medianoche. Henrik also had the contact info to Directora Ana Maria Mesa and she verified my audio file in half an hour. This became my second verified Colombian on 1540, I previously got Radio Austral in Túquerres in the 90’s. Cóndor also became my verified Colombian #200! Thanks Henrik again for invaluable help. Gracias Ana Maria por su respuesta!