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Monthly Archives: August 2012

A really nice surprise was the logging of NQ Radio “La Superestación” on 640 on October 22 2012 during very good cx towards especially Colombia and Panamá. NQ is broadcasting simultaneously on 640 and 90.1 and both frequencies were mentioned in the ID during a brief phade-up in a mixture of R Progreso in Cuba, Actualidad 640 in Puero La Cruz and RCN (presumably in Santa Marta as the only one listed). Today I received an informative email from Fenando Pérez, Periodista y Locutor de XENQ. As far as I can remember this is my first mexican logging from the mexican state of Hidalgo. Below Fernando’s mail. Mil gracias Fernando!


“Hola Jan, soy Fernando Pérez, recibí la buena noticia que nos escuchas en Finlandia!!!. wow!. Soy periodista y locutor de esta estación de radio Xenq en el 640 am. y 90.1 Fm. Nuestra señal se emite con 50,000 watts. de potencia. Somos una de las estaciónes de radio de provincia más potentes. Ubicada en Tulancingo Hidalgo. Tulancingo es la distorsión de la palabra náhuatl Tollantzinco que signfica “lugar donde se asienta el tule” (tollan=tule, tzin=asiento y co=lugar) y su significado concuerda perfectamente con el glifo emblema de la ciudad. Este nombre, aunque no es claro, fue impuesto por un sacerdote dedicado al culto del dios Quetzalcóatl llamado Ce Ácatl Topiltzin a su paso por la ciudad, el cual, al parecer provenía de Tula. En 1521, a la llegada de los españoles, el nombre de la ciudad es conservado pero como ellos lo esuchaban, es decir, Tulancingo. Se encuentra ubicada a 2300 mts. apróx. sobre el nivel de mar. a una hora y 20 min.(90kms. apróx.) de la Cd. de México, y 30 minutos de la capital del Estado Pachuca Hidalgo. Saludos!!!”

KXPO Grafton ND 1340 during the LEM307 pedition in October 2011. The station phaded up just in time for a TOH legal ID “13-40 KXPO Grafton”.
The below email was received from Scott Karnik, News Director.

“Dear Dr. Osterholm,

Greetings to you and your family from Grafton, ND, USA!
Thank you for your email, mp3, photo, and family description.  We are very glad to hear from you and that you have caught our KXPO AM1340 signal at your location. We are a small station, with a small signal, from a small town in North Dakota.  We’re about 50-miles from the Canadian border in the northeastern corner of North Dakota.  We play country music and do some sports and news on our station. I’m curious.  We get a few emails from a number of people from Norway and Finland, who are “DX-ers” like yourself.  I guess our signal skips over your way fairly regularly.Thank you so much for your email and your interest. Please feel free to email us anytime you catch us on your equipment. We love hearing from you.
Our mail address is:  KXPO Radio, 856 12th Street West, Grafton, ND 58237. My name is Scott Karnik.  I’m the news director at KXPO.
Once again, greetings and warm wishes to you and yours from us here at KXPO.
And thank you.”

I logged KGVL on October 17, 2011 in Lemmenjoki during the LEM307-pedition together with Hannu Niilekselä (HN). The station carries an Oldies format and uses a “14GVL” slogan. This became my first identified station from Texas on 1400. A fast response to my report was received from Jaan Kalmes, Program Director. Thanks Jaan!

“Jan-Erik, Terve terve!…from your Estonian Cousin Jaan. I do the Midday show on 1400KGVL and am the Program Director. It is my wife’s voice you hear doing that liner. It is fascinating that you’re able to dx us. Very Impressive!! Thank you for the air byte and photo. Jumala Rauha teile!! Jaan”McCoy” Kalmes”

Julio Ressio, Director verified my reception of this rare argentinian heard in Lemmenjoki.

Radio Interamericana in Concepción was surprisingly heard by Pertti Äyräs and myself during our LEM274-pedition to Lemmenjoki on January 31, 2009, the maybe most successful pedition we have experienced since 1995. After several f/ups I received an e-mail from Roberto Lucero verifying my report.

Radi Melodía is not the most commonly heard colombian on 1080 in Scandinavia but was heard with a nice signal in Lemmenjoki on February 9, 2012. Jairo Almeyda Santos verifield my report with the email below. Thanks Henrik Klemetz for your help!

“Hola Don Jan-Erik que grato saber que desde tan lejanas tierras nos sintoniza, esa grabación es una promoción de un espacio que realizamos de lunes a viernes en el horario de 9.30 pm a 2.00 am llamado ahora la lora, es un magazin en donde se tratan muchos temas y se pasa música.  Reciba en nombre de nuestra estación los agradecimientos por comunicarse y hacernos saber de su sintonía, por favor haganos llegar su dirección fisica donde pueda recibir un detalle y la carta de certificación de su sintonía.”


LU11 R Trenque Lauquén was first logged in Finland by JMS/HS during LEM 227 in March 2006. The station has also been heard by Jari Ruohomäki (JPR) and by PÄ/JEÖ during LEM290 and LEM 303 in early February 2010 and 2011. The frequency 1280 is of course not straight forward during La Plata/Brazil cx due to the presence of R Tupí, Rio. There are a few additional La Plata stations to watch for though, such as ZP53 La Voz del Este and CX128 R Tacuarembó. These are quite unusual catches here in Scandinavia.

I received a nice email from Ricardo Neiser on LU11 confirming my report from February 2010.

The new peruvian SW station OAW9A was logged in my home QTH in Borgå on August 12 on 4809.94v. Pastor Jairo Sangama Saurin replyed by the below email within 24 hours. Gracias Jairo.  Radio Logos became my verified peruvian # 100!

2012/8/14 jairo sangama saurin <>
Querido amigo Jan-Erik
Gracias por escuchar RADIO LOGOS desde Chazuta, Tarapoto-Perù
Trasnsmitimos en 7 lenguas nativas de la amazonìa peruana.
Telf. 042632413, o por medio de este correo a nombre de JAIRO SANGAMA SAURIN
Su siervo y amigo: Jairo


Citing “Radio Logos is a new Peruvian station, heard widely on 4810 kHz in the 60 meter shortwave band since July. OAW9A Radio Logos is run by Iglesia Evangélica Central in Chazuta, near Tarapoto in northern Peru, and is meant to air Christian programming to the Peruvian Amazon region. Radio Logos has been heard signing off in the local mornings around 1100 UTC and in the local evenings around 0300 UTC. The transmitter power is 1 kW. Station manager Pastor Jairo Sangama can be contacted by email or by calling at 042793834 or 942757969. The street address in Chazuta is Jirón Arica 3ra cuadra sin número.

This surprising argentinian was heard in Lemmenjoki in February 2011 with a weak but clear id “AM 1120 Emisora Santiago Y Copla , La Radio de los Provincianos y Santiaguenos”. AM 1120 is normally blocked by Rádio Rural, Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil but during southernly cx also Radio Salto, Uruguay is quite commonly logged. More rare ones are argentinians AM Tango and Radio Sarmiento. Oscar H. Gutierrez, Administrador kindly verified my report of Emisora Santiago y Copla.