KXPO Grafton ND 1340 during the LEM307 pedition in October 2011. The station phaded up just in time for a TOH legal ID “13-40 KXPO Grafton”.
The below email was received from Scott Karnik, News Director.

“Dear Dr. Osterholm,

Greetings to you and your family from Grafton, ND, USA!
Thank you for your email, mp3, photo, and family description.  We are very glad to hear from you and that you have caught our KXPO AM1340 signal at your location. We are a small station, with a small signal, from a small town in North Dakota.  We’re about 50-miles from the Canadian border in the northeastern corner of North Dakota.  We play country music and do some sports and news on our station. I’m curious.  We get a few emails from a number of people from Norway and Finland, who are “DX-ers” like yourself.  I guess our signal skips over your way fairly regularly.Thank you so much for your email and your interest. Please feel free to email us anytime you catch us on your equipment. We love hearing from you.
Our mail address is:  KXPO Radio, 856 12th Street West, Grafton, ND 58237. My name is Scott Karnik.  I’m the news director at KXPO.
Once again, greetings and warm wishes to you and yours from us here at KXPO.
And thank you.”