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CP88 Radio Amboro

A little bit ashamed, I report that I last night received a confirmation from Radio Amboró, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia via Facebook. During the last 35 years I have been sending tens of confirmation request to this station without success. The original report stems from April 11, 1977 when the station was heard by a few Scandinavian listeners on 4915 in the 60 m.b. On April 11, 1977  the station was surprisingly booming in in the middle of downtown Turku (listen to the audio below). The only DXer I know of, reporting the station in April 1977 and who also received a QSL until now, is Johan Berglund (JBS) in Trollhättan, Sweden. Radio Amboró ended their transmissions on shortwave in the late 70’s but continued transmitting on 1250 AM at least up to 2008-2010 (still listed on that frequency in WRTH 2010, but might be incorrect old data). Nowadays, Radio Amboró is only active on 98.5 FM.

The station’s name probably refers to Amboró National Park is in the western part of the Department of Santa Cruz , at the “Elbow of the Andes”, where the eastern cordillera bends slightly westward from its northly course.

CP88 R AMBORO 4915 1977


This low power station was logged in Lemmenjoki last October during LEM319. It suprisingly faded up over WOWO of Ft. Wayne IN with a clear ID just before starting a NBC newscast five minutes before before the top of the hour. Ray Diamond rapidly responded to my email with included audio mp3 and was surprised that the station has received so many reception reports from Finland recently! Thanks HN for the v/s info and thanks Ray for the confirmation.

KQQZ is licensed to the small city of De Soto some 30 miles south of St. Louis which is the station’s main market area and is the sister station to KZQZ St. Louis 1430. KQQZ carries a classic country format.

Radio Tupanci

This rare Brazilian was heard in late January 2009 during the LEM274 together with Pertti Äyräs. After many inquiries I finally recently got a surprising e-mail from Leandro Comunelho of Rádio Tupanci transmitting on AM 1250. As we know, 1250 offers a lot of opportunities for new loggings from Brazil here in the Scandinavian region. Interestingly enough, during the years only R Globo, Vitória and R Metropolitana, Vespasiano, MG can be said to have been regularily heard here. Since the frequency holds almost 20 stations there is a lot of opportunities for new catches. Unfortunately, though, many of the stations carry religious network programming during the night hours here up in the north making it extremely difficult to get a local ID. In the case of R Tupanci I had the luck to catch a perfect TOH-ID (4 minutes after the hour) including call sign, station name, frequency, power as well as Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul”. As with stations from México, if one happens to hear an ID they usually contain so much information, beyond the station’s name, that the identification is quite easily made possible.

Says Leandro Comunelho: “Nossa emissora fica na cidade de Pelotas, interior do estado do Rio Grande do Sul, a 260 kilometros da capital do estado, bem no sul do Brasil. Nossa programação tem como base o jornalismo informativo, futebol e musica. Na nossa grade de horarios temos programas de noticias (locais, estaduais, nacionais e internacionais), transmissão de jogos de futebol (aqui na cidade temos 3 clubes profissionais. Gremio Esportivo Brasil, Esporte Clube Pelotas e Gremio Atletico Farroupilha) e programas musicais (atendendo aos ouvites que solicitam musicas), também temos horarios de programação religiosa (foi o que o amigo ouviu quando da sintonia de nossa emissora)”.


Dear Jan-Erik,
This is to confirm your reception of KKAQ 1460 on October 23, 2012. Sorry it took so long to get back to you!
Thank you for listening!
Davin Halvorson
Thief River Falls, MN