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Monthly Archives: October 2012

A very familiar morning-intro for all of us. Even if it was 1 p.m. local time at the reception site in Lapland, Finland it was very enjoyable indeed. Thank you CKJR!

CKJR Wetaskiwin AB 1440 Good Morning!

WGBW has been heard by several listeners in Scandinavia this fall. Formerly transmitting from Two Rivers WI, WGBW signed on from its new transmitter site in Denmark, WI on September 14, 2011 with 10,000 watts day/500 watt night signal. The station is owned by Mark Heller who also quickly confirmed my submitted mp3-audio from October 26, 2012 covering a legal ID and a local weather report. Thanks Mark!



A nice surprise was the catch of KYYA Billings on 730 during the LEM319 pedition last week. Completely alone on 730 for some 30 seconds with a full crystal clear ID. Jack Seymour of Connoisseur Media Billings confirmed my mp3-audio rapidly and noted that the station was transmitting with 236 watts at the time of reception in Lemmenjoki.

KYYA is owned by Connoisseur Media, LLC since late September 2010 in a deal swap with Enebass Media, Inc. the latter also retaining the KURL call signs “because of the long history with the KURL listeners and to reassure them that the format that they’re used to will not change except for the radio frequency”

Says Connoisseur Media, LLC in the press release in September 2010: “We are delighted to be able to add 730 AM to our expanding Billings cluster,” said Connoisseur GM, Cam Maxwell. “This will make Connoisseur Media the largest radio operator in the region with six stations in the Billings market.”  The station receives new call letters, heritage KYYA will now be used to identify 730 AM.  With a signal that covers southern Montana and northern Wyoming, Connoisseur Media is moving its News Talk lineup, currently on KBLG 910 AM, to the bigger coverage area as the new News/Talk 730 KYYA AM.  Coming this weekend, 910 AM re-launches as Fox Sports Radio 910 KBLG.

In addition to News/Talk 730 KYYA AM and Fox Sports Radio 910 KBLG, Connoisseur Media also operates the following radio stations in the Billings market: KRKX-FM,  “Big Sky Country”, at 94.1, KRZN-FM, “The Zone”, a rock station at 96.3, KWMY-FM, classic hits ”MY 105.9”, and KPLN-FM, 106.7, a modern hits music station also known as “The Planet”.


KATL Miles City was heard with crystal clear signal and was alone on 770 a morning last week during LEM319. No signs of the dominants KTTH Seattle or CHQR Calgary! Karla Ross Allison rapidly confirmed my mp3-audio with the words “Yes you did indeed catch our station top of the hour id and intro to the ABC news. I’ve had others send us mp3’s that they caught but this was the clearest I’ve heard.” Thanks Karla!

KTRC was logged during the on-going LEM319 DX-pedition to Lemmenjoki by Hannu Niilekselä and myself. A very rare log indeed. The station faded up on 1260 just in time for the top on the our ID over CFRN Edmonton that at the same time faded down! KTRC was audible only for some 20 seconds but the ID was luckily very clear and KTRC’s PD Brad Brown noted “…I am the Program Director of KTRC-AM Talk 1260 in Santa Fe, New Mexico and can confirm that is my voice”. Thanks Brad for your fast response and reception confirmation of KTRC! Citing from the stations WEB page one notes that KTRC carries a progressive talk radio programming and radio shows consisting primarily of news, talk, comedy, interviews, guest editorials, and listeners’ telephone calls.

Radio San Carlos located in the city of San Carlos the capital of Estado de Cojedas in the Vicinity of Maracaibo. During conditions towards Venezuela 920 is usually effectly blocked by Radio Nueva Esparta in Porlamar here in Scandinavia. I heard R San Carlos in October 2011 in Lemmenjoki and my reception report was kindly verified by William José Vera. Muy gracias William!

KCTE Independence MO on 1510 is a so called daytimer, i.e., it starts transmissions at local sunrise and ends the transmission at local sunset. In Scandinavia, the best possibilities to hear US day timers has maybe been the month of October, and especially during the minimum years of the solar cycle. In late January-early February2009 and 2010 quite a few day timers were noted though including Hot Talk 1510 KCTE. This station was first heard in Finland by Roland Sandberg in early December 1990. Even if KCTE has been logged by several listeners during the past decade it is definitely not an easy catch, as are no daytimers!

I got an enthusiastic confirmation on my report to KCTE from Dennis Rooney who said “Wow, you have a good ear! But yes, I can clearly hear Hot Talk 15-10 KCTE in your recording and yes it is our voice!”. The station is situated in Overland Park, KS but the transmitter tower is in Independence, MO.