KCTE Independence MO on 1510 is a so called daytimer, i.e., it starts transmissions at local sunrise and ends the transmission at local sunset. In Scandinavia, the best possibilities to hear US day timers has maybe been the month of October, and especially during the minimum years of the solar cycle. In late January-early February2009 and 2010 quite a few day timers were noted though including Hot Talk 1510 KCTE. This station was first heard in Finland by Roland Sandberg in early December 1990. Even if KCTE has been logged by several listeners during the past decade it is definitely not an easy catch, as are no daytimers!

I got an enthusiastic confirmation on my report to KCTE from Dennis Rooney who said “Wow, you have a good ear! But yes, I can clearly hear Hot Talk 15-10 KCTE in your recording and yes it is our voice!”. The station is situated in Overland Park, KS but the transmitter tower is in Independence, MO.