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XEFU 630

XEFU “La Voz Amiga” was heard in Lemmenjoki on 630 in October 2010 during LEM294  fading up with a nice jingle over a bunch of NA’s including CFCO for some minutes. After several attempts, I finally got a confirmation from the station manager Roberto C. Lima Rizado. Gracias Roberto! Several years ago I heard XEJB in Guadalajara on this channel at a time when Norway’s superpower was still alive on the channel!


KCTA AM 1030

KCTA was first logged here in Finland by LEM115 in late December 1997 by Jim Solatie. The station has been heard since every now and then but is by no means an easy catch do to the fact that it  is limited in its broadcasting hours. It must protect the Class A station on the frequency, WBZ Boston, from interference. KCTA is only allowed to broadcast during local daytime daytime hours. Not only WBZ makes the frequency tricky, so does KTWO Casper WY. I managed to catch KCTA with Christian programming in Spanish in Lemmenjoki on October 20, 2010. Despite many tries I have not until now managed to receive a confirmation until a couple of days ago when my mp3 audio bwas verified with a Facebook message.

WCXN 1170

WCXN Claremont C 1170 was probably first logged in Finland by the crew of LEM299 Hannu Asikainen (HAS) and Hannu Niilekselä (HN)n on Decembet 12, 2010. The station carries the slogan “La Radio Que Sueña” and, according to NRC’s AM Radio Log 2013 also “Poder 1170 AM”. WCXN has been heard with it’s Mexican music format by rather many listeners in Scandinavia during the last two years. The station is owned by Birach Broadcasting Corporation which is totally owned by its president Sima Birach. Mr. Birach also kindly verified my reception of WCXN in Lemmenjoki on February 3, 2011. Sima, your confirmation was highly appreciated!



KUFO Portland OR 970

KUFO Portland OR on 970 is a pretty commonly heard US West Coast station in the northern parts of Scandinavia. Previously KUPL and later KCMD was re-assigned the KUFO call letters in March 2011. When I heard it in October 2012 it was heavily disturbed by KBUL Billings MT. Milt McConnel promptly verified my mp3. Thanks Milt!



I heard Radio Santa Beatriz on 1350 AM (actually on a clear split below 1350)  in early February 2012 in Lemmenjoki during LEM317. At that time the signal was rather weak, however both the AM and FM frequency was clearly announced. Later I also have managed to hear the station in my home QTH in Borgå. The station is part of Radiodifusora El Sur to which also e.g. Radio Las Vegas also in Cusco belongs. After several tries I finally got a confirmation on my reception from José Raul Tapia Acurio. Gracias José!



KPRO Riverside CA was first logged in Finland in 2008 by the ENOX10 pedition in Enontekiö, Lapland by Hannu Niilekselä (HN) and Tuomo Ahonen (TUA). Since then the station has been logged here a couple of times- My own log stems from late October 2012 during LEM319 together with HN. A nice ID was heard: “We are coming your way on AM 1570. A very pleasant good evening to you from KPRO Riverside, Inspirational Radio”. Valorie Stitely, GM kindly confirmed my reception. Thanks Valorie!

XERFR Radio Formula

XEAVR is a rare Mexican that has been heard only a few times in Finland. The first logging was made by the crew of LEM266 in early November 2008. During LEM274 together with Pertti Äyräs XEAVR was heard on January 30, 2009 with a steady signal with Fórmula programming // 970. As in the case of XEMTS 780 presented previously the confirmation was received from HQ in México City.

KBRV 800

A fast response by Lance Fitzsimmons confirmed my mp3 audio of my reception of KBRV on October 25, 2012. KBRV was originally on 540 kHz, moved to 790 kHz in 1966 and moved to 800 kHz in 2012 where it has been heard by several Scandinavian listeners. Thanks Lance for your confirmation.

XEMTS 780     XERFR Radio Formula

XEMTS was heard on 780 with Radio Fórmula px // 970 and giving ID for XERFR 970. The station faded periodically up over WBBM during LEM319 in late October 2012. A short confirmation was received from R Fórmula in México City. By far the most commonly heard Mexican on 780 here is XEWGR Monclova, CO (formerly XEMF).

KADI 1340

KADI Springfield, MO was heard in Lemmenjoki last October with a nice id “The Laura Ingraham Show coming up at 8 am right here on AM 13-40 the Ozark’s Big Talker”. Rod Kittleman confirmed my mp3 audio. Thanks Rod!