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Monthly Archives: August 2013

LT12 Radio General Madariaga

I have been hunting for LT2 Radio General Madariaga in the Province of Corrientes for decades without success. Earlier in the 70’s and 80’s the most common Argentinian, even though also a difficult one, was Radio Bahía Blanca. Nowadays LV9 Radio Salta is by far the most common Argentinian on 840 and tend to be very strong during cx off the Greater Buenos Aires area. Salta is located in the northwestern corner of Argentina bordering in the north to Bolivia and in the west to Chile. Corrientes again is located in the northeastern corner of the country bordering to Paraguay.

LT12 was heard in Finland already in 1974 by Roland Sandberg (RS) and in 1985 by JPR according to lists. In Lemmenjoki LT12 phaded up only for a short while over R Salta in October 2010. I recently received a confirmation of my reception and now the only Argentinian on 840 missing in my collection is Radio General Belgrano in Buenos Aires. This station was heard together with Pertti Äyräs during LEM317 in February 2012, as we believe fpr the first time in Finland. Since, Jari Ruohomäki (JPR), has heard General Belgrano and he also managed to get a QSL, something I have not yet succeeded with yet.

Radio Paiquere

Rádio Paiqueré, Londrina, PR was one of my nicest Brazilian catches in October 2010 in Lemmenjoki fading up over Argentinian LS1 R de la Ciudad of Buenos Aires with a decent signal. 1110 usually offers only LS1 during southerly conditions. If I call correctly only two other Brazilians has been logged on 1110 in Scandinavia before: R Tabajará, Joao Pessoa, PB logged many times in the 70’s and R Litoral, Cascavel, CE. R Paiqueré confirmed my report with a short notice via Facebook.

R Kalikanto logo

Radio Kalikanto, formerly known as R Onda Cero, is one of the most commonly heard Peruvians on the upper part of the AM band in Scandinavia. Usually with a somewhat distorted signal on a slight split of 1640 the station seems to be transmitting irregularly now a days (?) since rumors about that the station license has been revoked has been mentioned. Torolf Johnsson was probably one of the first in Scandinavia to note this station in 2009, and the identity was nailed by Henrik Klemetz, once again.

I have logged the station several times here in my home QTH in Biorgå. Recently I got a nice confirmation on my reception from David Torres Boza who wrote: “gracias Jan-Erik, de verdad nos satisface  enormemente vuestra sintonia en el lejano pais de finlandia , su mensaje y cualquier mensaje del exterior es nuestra permamente agenda de reconocimiento,  el audio audio que nos envias  es efectivamente  nuestra programacion radial, tal como han indicado en la misiva. a usted y a todos los radioaficiionados un abrazo enorme,pronto llegarà nuestro sincero reconocimiento atravez de un aencomienda. gracias sigamos en contacto.”


Radiio La Cronica 1320

Radio La Cronica is not a very unusual peruvian on the AM band. Have logged this several times here in my home QTH in southern Finland on 1320  with short antennas. The station was a pretty usual peruvion on 9520v kHz in the 31 m.b. especially during the 60’s and 70′ but was also logged in the 90’s here before closing down on SW.  Pertti Äyräs logged the station first in Finland in 1963. Radio La Cronica is the sister station to Radio Nacional del Perú and belongs to Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisión del Perú (RTP).

When I last heard the station in September 2012 it also carried the “Radio La Cronica” id. After some trials I recently received a nice email confirmation from Francisco Mejorada Chauca, Jefe de Programación. Mil gracias Francisco!