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La Voz de Polícia Nacional 750

This logging was perhaps the best during the LEM354 pedition to Lemmenjoki in late February 2015. The best openings towards Paraguay I have ever experienced since 1963 occured on February 24-25, 2015 with strong signals already around 23 UTC from most of the dominant Argentinians. Around 0030 UTC a station emerged on 750 with commercials. I immediately checked 870 and found that it was not the same program as R Nacional, Buenos Aires on 870. At this time Nacional Córdoba 750 and 870 should be carrying the same “La Radio Pública” programming. My first thought was that it must be AM 750 in Lomas del Zamora, BA. In one of the commercials on 750, however, a clear email address was given as .prg! The commercial was for an attorney business in Asunción. Despite the absence of an ID the case was clear, it was La Voz Policía Nacional! My report was confirmed by Nidia Paredes Bernal, Directora. Big thanks to Henrik Klemetz!



Radio Libre 1200  Radio Libre 1200

Radio Libre was founded in 1997 and is transmitting from the city of Fernando de la Mora, a city located in the Central Department and part of the metropolitan area of Asunción. With some 160,000 inhabitants, the city is one of the most populated of the country. R Libre is mostly carrying talk programs addressing both national and international issues. R Libre 1200 AM – radio la palabra was heard on February 25, 2015 in Lemmenjoki during excellent conditions towards especially Paraguay and the neighboring northern provinces of Argentina. The station phaded up over the Brazilians R Cultura, São Paulo and R Clube, Fortaleza Heard by at least Jari Ruohomäki earlier in Finland the station confirmed my reception by FB.



Radio 1000 1000

On February 25 a good opening towards Paraguay was noted in Lemmenjoki. Several stations were heard such as Uno 650, tentatively Caritas 680, La Unión R800, Monumental 1080, La Deportiva 1020 and R Libre 1200 in addition to Radio Mil on 1000! This frequency has a definite dominant in the form of R Record, São Paulo which makes hearing of stations from the southern parts of South America difficult. In addition to Radio Mil at least the following stations have been heard once or a couple of times in Finland: Argentinians Del Iberá, Sintonía and Rio Negro as well as BBN R in Santiago, Chile. Yesterday I received a confirmation on my mp3 to R Mil.

La Unión R800

This for me most wanted PRG station was heard during LEM354 on February 25 with a good signal and without interference from the normally dominating MEC in Rio de Janeiro. During the more than an hour the station was heard the program consisted both of music and of football. The station identified itself as “Radio La Unión R800 amplitud modulada”. A nice FB message confirmed my reception. This became my verified PRG station # 20!

ZP--- La Deportiva 1120

La Deportiva is a relatively new station on 1120 which is normally heavily dominated by R Rural in Porto Alegre. La Deportiva is transmitting from the city of Lambaré which is located in the greater Asunción metropolitan area. It is the 6th klargest city in Paraguay with some 150.000 inhabitants. La Deportiva was probably first heard in Finland by Pertti Äyräs and myself in October 2014 during our LEM345 pedition. When I logged it on October 24 it carried a football game between the Paraguayan team Deportivo Capiatá and the Argentinian team Boca Juniors played at La Bombonera in Buenos Aires. A confirmation on my mp3 was received today: “Muchísimas gracias por el contacto desde esa tierra tan lejana. El audio corresponde a nuestra radio”. Big thanks to Henrik Klemetz (HK) for listening and clarifying some details of my hearing.


Radio Monumental transmitting from Chaco-i/Asunción  is a fairly new station beginning broadcasting on November 1, 2010. I managed to hear the station in October 2011 with a relatively stable signal but of course heavily splashed by EU-stations. The frequency 1080 is a difficult one what comes to hearing stations from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. By far the most common South American stations to be heard on this frequency in Scandinavia are the Venezuelans R Barcelona and R Venezuela of Maracay followed by the Colombians R Eco, Cali and R Autentica, Villavicencio.

R Monumental is transmitting 24 hours a day with a varying program format. Some of the station’s key persons are Carlos Baez, Luis Bareiro, Ruben Rodriguez, Kike Casanova, Oscar Acosta and Menchi Barriocanal.

After a couple of email reports I finally got a short confirmation of my reception of R Monumental via Facebook.

This is the last story about pennants from Latin American radio stations from my collection. Hope you have enjoyed it although the quality of the pictures could have been more professional. Nostalgia after all – as Ole Forr so kindly commented.

The stations presented below are; R Oriental 770; R Carve 850; R Paysandú 1240; R Maldonado 1560; R San Carlos 1510; R Charitas 6110; R Chaco Boreal 1330; R Concepción 1380v; R Arequipa 5948; R Huancayo 1470; R Quillabamba 5025; R Tacna 9404; R Frequencia Lider 4418; R Frontera 4760; Ecos del Torbes 4980;



Radio Guyrá Campana (RGC) in Horqueta transmitting on 1420 was surprisingly heard by Pertti Äyräs and myself during our LEM317 pedition to Lemmenjoki on February 9, 2012. The station phaded up at several occasions during the night hours. A short email verification arrived in only ten minutes after a report to their “collective” email address. No personal “signiture” though.