La Voz de Polícia Nacional 750

This logging was perhaps the best during the LEM354 pedition to Lemmenjoki in late February 2015. The best openings towards Paraguay I have ever experienced since 1963 occured on February 24-25, 2015 with strong signals already around 23 UTC from most of the dominant Argentinians. Around 0030 UTC a station emerged on 750 with commercials. I immediately checked 870 and found that it was not the same program as R Nacional, Buenos Aires on 870. At this time Nacional Córdoba 750 and 870 should be carrying the same “La Radio Pública” programming. My first thought was that it must be AM 750 in Lomas del Zamora, BA. In one of the commercials on 750, however, a clear email address was given as .prg! The commercial was for an attorney business in Asunción. Despite the absence of an ID the case was clear, it was La Voz Policía Nacional! My report was confirmed by Nidia Paredes Bernal, Directora. Big thanks to Henrik Klemetz!