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One of the best loggings during LEM379 was without doubt R Lautaro in Talca on 970. Incredible that a 1 /0.25 kW Chilean station completely can take over this frequency which is the home of common “high powers” such as R Universal, Montevideo and R 9-70 Asunción not to forget a bunch of common Brazilians. But, this morning we had a very selective and strong Chile opening between 05-07 UTC as mentioned previously. A nice email was received today. A nice birthday present indeed!


On February 20, 2017 we had a good opening towards Chile between 05-07 UTC in Lemmenjoki during LEM379. One of the station heard was R Stella Maris in Valparaiso, a very big surprise indeed since as far as I know the station has not been heard previously in the Nordic countries. An email and a Facebook message confirmed my report.

Radio Amiga, Talca 1020

On February 22 Radio Amiga in Talca was heard in Lemmenjoki at it’s close down ID at 0501 UTC. Talca, situated in Central Chile some 250 km south of Santiago is the Capital of the 7th Region Maule. It was interesting to observe that R Amiga appeared just before the lower part of the AM band started to loose strength. The frequency is an interesting one, especially what comes to Brazil . Some more common stations to be heard in the Nordic countries are, e.g., argentinian R Universidad Nacional del Litoral, R Ñanduti in Asunción (1020.1v) together with the Brazilian station in Potro Alegre. A nice confirmation was received by Roberto Ramos Vega, Programador de la Radio. Gracias Roberto!

CB800 Radio Maria 800

This station was a surprise on a difficult frequency, namely 800. A frequency dominated by MEC in Rio de Janeiro during cx towards La Plata and Brasil and TWR Bonaire during more northerly cx. This tends , at least for me, to mostly “skip over the frequency” when searching for something new. In early February 2011 I heard a station in Lemmenjoki heavily disturbed by TWR which turned out to be R Maria transmitting from Vina del Mar in Chile. Fortunately María carried an id also including the magical word “Chile”. During the time of reception I also heard, e.g., R Cooperativa, Valparaíso on 730 and BBN R, Vina del Mar (note, NOT Bogotá!) during a short and selective opening towards the middle coastal of Chile. I just recently got a short Facebook confirmation of this encounter with Radio Maria. Interestingly enough, Hannu Niilekselä managed to catch R María in El Salvador on 800 a couple of years ago. This shows that no frequency should be left non-scrutinized. Magic happens! Thanks Henrik Klemetz and Jari Ruohomäki for listening to my audio of this rare station from Chile.

Radio Interamericana in Concepción was surprisingly heard by Pertti Äyräs and myself during our LEM274-pedition to Lemmenjoki on January 31, 2009, the maybe most successful pedition we have experienced since 1995. After several f/ups I received an e-mail from Roberto Lucero verifying my report.