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R Globo Passos 1340

First time I have heard Rádio Globo on AM 1340 and according to all lists the only Globo station on 1340 is located in Passos, MG. The logging was made in early March 2013 during LEM330. It has to be noted, that I did not hear any local ID but being the only Globo here it must be this station.

My mp3 audio was confirmed by technicians oin Rio de Janeiro thanks to the CBN/Globo coordinator Juliana Paiva.

R Pachatusan has been logged here in Borgå, my home QTH both on May 9 and May 17 on it’s slight split frequency of approximately 1239.92. During cx towards Perú 1240 has also been offering both Radio Líder, Arequipa, the most dominant peruvian here, but with a bad modulation, and a little bit lower in frequency and R María, Chilca a little above Pachatusan. R Pachasutan has been logged on several occasions also earlier this spring both in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The station is transmitting from Sicuani in the Vilcanota valley in the Province of Canchis, Departamento de Cuzco. The city is located a little over 100 km southeast of the city of Cuzco.

Thanks to the v/s help from Arnstein Bue (ABU) I received a friendly email from Jose Luis Quintasi Valer,
Pachatusan Deportes.


CBN Macapá, Amapá (AP) was heard on 670  late October 2011 during LEM 307 during very good Brazil/La Plata cx.

As probably known to LA freaks, and especially Brazil freaks,the  frequency range 630-700 AM is, for some reason, very difficult for loggings from Brazil here in Scandinavia. Although this frequency range holds more than 100 stations very few have been logged here. The most common are R Bandeirantes, Porto Alegre, RS on 640 and R Farrouphilia, Porto Alegre, RS on 680. The situation has been improved now, however, when the Norwegian superpower on 675 has closed down making both 670 and 680 more clean for catches.

My report of CBN Macapá was verified by the Globo/CBN coordinator in Rio de Janeiro. Muito obrigado Juliana!



Hunting for radio stations from México has been one of the major activities in Lemmenjoki. Usually stations from México are heard during better than average cx towards North America and heard together with US-stations. Typically, the MEX-stations fade in and out but the pretty frequent ID’s given make the identification of MEX-stations rather easy.

During LEM294 in October  2010 we had pretty good openings towards Mexico. At the same time surprisingly not very selective cx towards the US south-west.

XECV Ciudad Valles, San Luís Potosí “La Gran Compania” was a rare mexican to be identified in a mess consisting of WMT Cedar Rapids IA, KSJB Jamestown ND and CJWW Saskatoon SK. The mexican format was, however easy to follow.

XECV confirmed my reception some time ago. The frequency 600 is a rather rare MEX-frequency up here in Scandinavia.

XECL_1 580

Radio Globo Rondonia 1310

R Globo Rondonia began it’s broadcasts in December 2012 and has been heard several times in Scandinavia since then. My own logging was made during the LEM330 pedition last February. A short email confirmed my reception.

1310 is an interesting frequency for DX towards Brazil since it holds almost 20 stations a major part of which has not yet been heard in our part of the world. Today the perhaps most common Brazilian station is R Cidade, Esperanca, PB.


CBN’s transmitter in Foz do Iguacu, Paraná on 1320 is heard every now and then but the dominating Brazilian stations on 1320 over the last yearshas  been R Tropical, Curitiba PR and R Regional of Sobral, Ceará. Some days ago I received a confirmation of my report from February 2013. More than a dozen Brazilians still remain to be caught by Scandinavian DXers.

The city Foz de Iguazu is one of Brazil’s most-frequented tourist destinations. Most tourists are Brazilians and Argentines, but Canadians, Americans, British, Germans, Italians, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese tourists are also numerous. The city has about 100 hotels and inns. The main attraction probably is the magnificent waterfalls Iguacazu Falls which is some three times bigger what comes to flow capacity than Niagara Fallas. Iguazu Falls is located at the border between Brazil (state of Paraná) and Argentina.

WCDT 1340

WCDT was heard during LEM319 last October with a nice signal and ID going like “Now playing a better variety of your favorite countries AM 13-40 WCDT”.

Karen Shetters kndly confirmed my report with a short email.

WKAM 1460

WKAM “La Mejor” transmitting from Goshen IN was heard during LEM294 in October 2010. The station faded up on this, usually by CJOY, KXNO and WHIC dominated frequency. The city of Goshen is the county seat of Elkhart County on the northern-most part of the state borders between Indiana and Michigan. The city is called “The Maple City”.

Sandra Mcmasters kindly verified my reception. Thanks Sandra!

CP... Radio Bendita Trinidad 1540

Radio Bendita Trinidad was heard here in Borgå at my home QTH with strong signal during a good opening towards Bolivia on May 9, 2013. A total of six bolivians where noted. Similar cx was observed in Sweden (and Norway) but one day laterr, on May 10! On May 10 there were no signals to mention from Bolivia in the Southern parts of Finland. Interesting indeed! When I heard Bendita they were carrying the phone-in program “Saludos y Bendiciones”. A long email letter from the station’s big boss Mario Mujica was received in a day. Thanks to Henrik Klemetz (HK) for helping me to get this nice QSL.

From Mujicas letter one notes that Radio Bendita Trinidad Group has the following stations: La Paz-El Alto 1540 AM; Cochabamba 1480 AM; Stanta Cruz 1480 AM; Tarija 1480 AM; Montero 89.1 FM and Blanket 102.7 FM. It should be noticed, that 1480 carries three relay stations in three different cities. The station on 1480 has been heard in Sweden and Finland recently, but now it is unclear which transmitter site!



Radio Revolucion 840

Radio Revolución, Palma Soriano (Santiago de Cuba) was heard over the more common cuban CMHW “Doble-W”) in Santa Clara on October 22, 2011.  The frequency holds quite a few stations from the Caribbean and Latin America that have been audible in Scandinavia including also 4VEH, Haiti; R Nacional, Panamá; WXEW Yabucoa PR in addition to som rare stations from México. The frequency is normally dominated by R Bandeirantes and R Salta during cx from Brazil/La Plata and by the two listed Venezuelans.

Miguel Noa Menendez kindly verified my email report instantly. Gracias Miguel!