CP... Radio Bendita Trinidad 1540

Radio Bendita Trinidad was heard here in Borgå at my home QTH with strong signal during a good opening towards Bolivia on May 9, 2013. A total of six bolivians where noted. Similar cx was observed in Sweden (and Norway) but one day laterr, on May 10! On May 10 there were no signals to mention from Bolivia in the Southern parts of Finland. Interesting indeed! When I heard Bendita they were carrying the phone-in program “Saludos y Bendiciones”. A long email letter from the station’s big boss Mario Mujica was received in a day. Thanks to Henrik Klemetz (HK) for helping me to get this nice QSL.

From Mujicas letter one notes that Radio Bendita Trinidad Group has the following stations: La Paz-El Alto 1540 AM; Cochabamba 1480 AM; Stanta Cruz 1480 AM; Tarija 1480 AM; Montero 89.1 FM and Blanket 102.7 FM. It should be noticed, that 1480 carries three relay stations in three different cities. The station on 1480 has been heard in Sweden and Finland recently, but now it is unclear which transmitter site!