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Unexpectedly KCTO Cleveland MO faded up on 1160 just after the dominating WYLL with a nice ID “KCXL Liberty 1140 AM The Oldies Station and KCTO Cleveland 1160…”. I found the ID when going through some Lemmenjoki  files from 2011. The station has been heard a few times earlier during the last years here in Finland. KCTO is the sister station to KCXL Liberty MO on 1140 located just nort of Kansas City MO. GM David Brewer confirmed my audio mp3 and told “…you did indeed hear KCTO. we still own it but a latino group rents it from us now”. As of March 2012 KCTO has been carrying SS programming using the slogan “La Super X”.


WNBP 1450

“And now more Legendary Songs and Legendary Singers, AM 14-50 WNBP” was the ID after the TOH news on 1450 in early March 2013 in Lemmenjoki.

Operations Manager and one of the partners of the owner of WNBP Pete Falconi says “Dear Jan-Erik. Thank you for your email and the information contained within.  You most definitely heard WNBP AM1450 in Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA.  The mp3 file attached to your email confirms it.  It’s very exciting to hear from you and learn of your family and your background in DX-ing.  We’re proud to say we have a listener in Finland!”

Thanks Pete!