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YVZD La Cultural de Táchira

La Cultural was heard with good signal here in Borgå during the fabulous “Medellín”-opening on January 24, 2014. Hardly no interference from HJ-Cordillera that normally dominates the frequency during northerly SA-cx. I received a nice FB-message confirming my mp3-audio. “Sr. Jan disculpe la tardanza para leer su mensaje… es un inmenso placer para nosotros tener conocimiento acerca de la recepción de nuestra señal en su país… efectivamente esa recepción es nuestra señal el audio que logro grabar. Nosotros somos una emisora ubicada en una ciudad llamada San Cristóbal, capital del estado Táchira de la República Bolivariana Venezuela, estado fronterizo de nuestro país y puerta principal de entrada y conexión con la República de Colombia. La señal que logra escuchar a través de sus equipos tiene 44 años al aire de manera ininterrumpida, nació como una emisora de target cultural para difundir conciertos y actividades del arte y la música de la región y con el pasar de los años se ha transformado en una señal de suma importancia para la región con gran labor informativa…..”.

Thanks Gert Nilsson (GN) for v/s info!

Radio Sao Fransisco 1240

Radio São Francisco was first logged in Finland by Håkan Sundman and Jim Solatie during the LEM246-pedition in October 2007. This station located in Canindé, in the northern part of Ceará is often logged on the interesting frequency 1240, The station is usually one of the first Brazilians to appear early in the evenings around 2200 +- UTC. I surprisingly got a Christmas greeting and confirmation via Facebook on a report from November 2013. Muito obrigado RSF!

L--- Radio Imagen 1710

Radio Imagen was heard with a relatively good signal on 1710 during LEM345 in late October. Especially during one of the pedition’s few trans-Atlantic openings October 21,  Radio Imagen was heard back and forth during several hours, not as well as neighboring Radio Rubi on 1670 but anyway. Mika Mäkeläinen visited the station during his trip to Falkland Islands and Buenos Aires some months ago and met the station’s CE who also confirmed my hearing via FB with a nice message. He also promised to send a “Certificado” via ordinary mail.

HJNT Radio Huellas 1470

HJNT Radio Huellas is fairly common on it’s present split 1470.08v. During the past ten years Huellas (formerly Restauración) has been by far the most common HJ-station on 1470. As a matter of fact, with the exception of Ondas del Ibagué (often relaying R María programs), the other listed Colombians are tricky to catch in the Nordic countries. R Popular, Medellín is surprisingly rare nowadays compared to the 70’s when it was one of the most common upper band Colombians, then under the name of R Ya! Colmundo, Cartagena, R Futurama, Pacho and R Uno,  Iza,  has been logged only a couple of times here. Radio Huellas verified my latest report from last October with a Facebook message.

ZYH243 Rádio Imaculada Conceição, Maceió AL 1320

ZYH243 Rádio Imaculada Conceicão In Maceió, AL was heard on 1320 on November 4, 2013 in Lemmenjoki early in the evening, around 2230 UTC with an unusual local ID. This station is carrying programs from IPDA and MIL as is another station on the frequency, namely Rádio Mucurí, Teófilo Otoni, Minas Gerais. Quite often, and probably ZYH243, has been heard here, but not with a local ID but merely giving the IPDA chain ID where several stations carrying the IPDA format are mentioned. I received a short Facebook message confirming my mp3 audio file from Maceió.

Radio Novo Milenio 1540

Rádio Novo Milênio is a new station that has appeared on 1540. The station is owned by Igreja Pentecostal Deus é Amor and the transmitter site is located in  Sertãozinho, SP close to the city of Ribeirão Preto. During the last couple of years ZYH611 R San’Ana in Tianguá, CE, relaying Aparecida-programs, har probably been the most common one here. However the frequency holds a los of Brazilians of which 10+ stations have been logged in the Nordic countries. R Novo Milênio was heard on, e.., October 20 and 24, in Lemmenjoki. The TOH ID goes like: “A Identificacão: Voce sintonizar Rádio Novo Milênio, 1540 kiloherzios , 24 horas no ar falando do Amor de Deus. Rádio Novo Milênio, Sertãozinho, São Paulo”. A FB message confirmed my reception.

Caribena 1000

I received a nice confirmation on a f/up on a 2009 report on YVNM Caribeña, Morón some weeks ago from Directora Yaneirys Gonzalez who seems to be a very friendly young woman towards us DX-ers. She indicated that she would like to start a DX-program over Caribeña. I directed her to HK for professional help to initiate this! Gert Nilsson (GN) kindly sent me the v/s info that he previously had received from Jan Edh (JE). Thanks guys! For me this was a nice verification since I have sent reports to both R Morón and Caribeña several times since the 1970’s without an success!

Gracias por su confirmación Yaneirys y buena suerte con su programa especial de DX!



BLU Radio Cartagena 1090

Blu Radio Cartagena (ex. R Bucanero) was heard during LEM345 in late October 2014 with a decent signal. This is a rather new chain of radio stations in Colombia (established in September 2012) comprising, at this moment, 8 FM stations and 2 AM stations in the order of: Calí 91.5, Eje Cafetero 94.1, Villavicencio 96.3, Bogotá 96.9, Medellín 97.9, Barranquilla 100.1, Neiva 103.1, Boyacá 103.1, Bucaramanga 960 (ex Candela) and Cartagena 1090 (ex Bucanero). Blu Radio is going to open three more FM stations in capital cities shortly. The aim is to have the entire station chain on FM. In Bucaramanga and Cartagena, however, there are presently no FM frequencies available, hence the two AM frequencies 960 and 1090. Thanks HK for your help!

I got a very descriptive and nice email confirmation a couple of days ago.