Radio Novo Milenio 1540

Rádio Novo Milênio is a new station that has appeared on 1540. The station is owned by Igreja Pentecostal Deus é Amor and the transmitter site is located in  Sertãozinho, SP close to the city of Ribeirão Preto. During the last couple of years ZYH611 R San’Ana in Tianguá, CE, relaying Aparecida-programs, har probably been the most common one here. However the frequency holds a los of Brazilians of which 10+ stations have been logged in the Nordic countries. R Novo Milênio was heard on, e.., October 20 and 24, in Lemmenjoki. The TOH ID goes like: “A Identificacão: Voce sintonizar Rádio Novo Milênio, 1540 kiloherzios , 24 horas no ar falando do Amor de Deus. Rádio Novo Milênio, Sertãozinho, São Paulo”. A FB message confirmed my reception.