HJNT Radio Huellas 1470

HJNT Radio Huellas is fairly common on it’s present split 1470.08v. During the past ten years Huellas (formerly Restauración) has been by far the most common HJ-station on 1470. As a matter of fact, with the exception of Ondas del Ibagué (often relaying R María programs), the other listed Colombians are tricky to catch in the Nordic countries. R Popular, Medellín is surprisingly rare nowadays compared to the 70’s when it was one of the most common upper band Colombians, then under the name of R Ya! Colmundo, Cartagena, R Futurama, Pacho and R Uno,  Iza,  has been logged only a couple of times here. Radio Huellas verified my latest report from last October with a Facebook message.