BLU Radio Cartagena 1090

Blu Radio Cartagena (ex. R Bucanero) was heard during LEM345 in late October 2014 with a decent signal. This is a rather new chain of radio stations in Colombia (established in September 2012) comprising, at this moment, 8 FM stations and 2 AM stations in the order of: Calí 91.5, Eje Cafetero 94.1, Villavicencio 96.3, Bogotá 96.9, Medellín 97.9, Barranquilla 100.1, Neiva 103.1, Boyacá 103.1, Bucaramanga 960 (ex Candela) and Cartagena 1090 (ex Bucanero). Blu Radio is going to open three more FM stations in capital cities shortly. The aim is to have the entire station chain on FM. In Bucaramanga and Cartagena, however, there are presently no FM frequencies available, hence the two AM frequencies 960 and 1090. Thanks HK for your help!

I got a very descriptive and nice email confirmation a couple of days ago.