CBN Macapá, Amapá (AP) was heard on 670  late October 2011 during LEM 307 during very good Brazil/La Plata cx.

As probably known to LA freaks, and especially Brazil freaks,the  frequency range 630-700 AM is, for some reason, very difficult for loggings from Brazil here in Scandinavia. Although this frequency range holds more than 100 stations very few have been logged here. The most common are R Bandeirantes, Porto Alegre, RS on 640 and R Farrouphilia, Porto Alegre, RS on 680. The situation has been improved now, however, when the Norwegian superpower on 675 has closed down making both 670 and 680 more clean for catches.

My report of CBN Macapá was verified by the Globo/CBN coordinator in Rio de Janeiro. Muito obrigado Juliana!