CBN’s transmitter in Foz do Iguacu, Paraná on 1320 is heard every now and then but the dominating Brazilian stations on 1320 over the last yearshas  been R Tropical, Curitiba PR and R Regional of Sobral, Ceará. Some days ago I received a confirmation of my report from February 2013. More than a dozen Brazilians still remain to be caught by Scandinavian DXers.

The city Foz de Iguazu is one of Brazil’s most-frequented tourist destinations. Most tourists are Brazilians and Argentines, but Canadians, Americans, British, Germans, Italians, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese tourists are also numerous. The city has about 100 hotels and inns. The main attraction probably is the magnificent waterfalls Iguacazu Falls which is some three times bigger what comes to flow capacity than Niagara Fallas. Iguazu Falls is located at the border between Brazil (state of Paraná) and Argentina.