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Radio Liberdade 1500

Rádio Liberdade was surprisingly found when going through some audio files from LEM319 in October 2012. The station faded up with a simple “Rádio Liberdade AM 1500 kilohertz” and the ID was also verified by Pertti Äyräs and Jari Ruohomäki. Thanks boys!

The city of Cangucu is located some 300 km southwest of the State Capital Porto Alegre and some 50 km west of Pelotas and holds some 60.000 inhabitants.

This log was a real surprise, since 1500 holds a number of Brazilian stations that are commonly heard here up in the north such as Jacuípe, BA; Montanhesa, MG; Floresta, PA; Fraternidade, SP and Cumbica, SP. The frequency has, however, not given too many logs from Brazil during the last couple of years – maybe because of the state of the present solar cycle. Who knows.

It was satisfying to get a short confirmation from Rádio Liberdade in less than a day!



A surprising FB  message arrived last week  from Ms. Kenita Litter Kokkonen, residing in São Lepoldo, Rio Grande do Sul – a suburban to Porto Alegre and some 500 km away from Porto Lucena where Rádio Navegantes is located and presently transmitting on 1360 AM.

I heard R Navegantes in late November 1995 during LEM87 on 1590 AM and rapidly got a three page letter signed by Prof. Leo Miguel Weschenfelder – Diretor – confirming my reception. He mentioned that he will copy his letter to some people with Finnish origin  living in Rio Grande do Sul.

In June 1996 I received a letter from São Leopoldo written by Ingve Einnar Kokkonen who expressed his happiness to have received a copy of my reception report to R Navegantes. He tells, among other things,  about his grand parents, Henrik and Ida Kokkonen who moved from Finland to Brazil in 1910.

Kenita Litter Kokkonen who sent the FB message  is the grand daugther of said Ingve Einnar Kokkonen who wrote me the letter 17 years ago. He was then 84! She tells that she found my letter to Radio Navegantes when she was cleaning drawers in the house where she is living with her mother and her brother! What a small world!!!

Tells Kenita:

“Olá Jan-Erik Osterholm! Sou Kenita Litter Kokkonnen, brasileira e estou te escrevendo, pois estava organizando minhas coisas em meu quarto, quando localizei sua carta enviada para “radio navegantes” de Porto Lucena-Brasil no ano de 1996. Meu avô veio criança da Finlândia juntamente com sua família e ficaram residindo em Porto Lucena, onde minha mãe e seus irmãos nasceram. Na época que você enviou a carta para rádio, a prefeitura local encaminhou a carta aos únicos finlandeses do município. Atualmente residimos eu, meus irmão e minha mãe, aqui em São Leopoldo, no mesmo Estado – Rio Grande do Sul, que fica a 30km de Porto Alegre (capital) e 500Km de Porto Lucena. Alguns parentes ainda estão em Porto Lucena e arredores. Fico grata pela sua atenção e espero continuar fazendo contato.
Um grande abraço!”

Muito obrigado Kenita para o contato surpreendente!!!

Radio Frequencia_2 1380

Rádio Frequencia was surprisingly fading up with a “Rádio Frequencia News 1380 kilohertz” ID on late October 2011 in Lemmenjoki. The frequency is a gold mine with quite a big number of stations that have never been heard in Scandinavia. The stations transmits from Garopaba, a beach side Santa Catarina city, that has been completely changed since the 1970s when it was a small fisherman town. Today Garopaba offers nice hotels and many first class beaches.

Thanks – Muito Obrigado to Bel Cristini for a rapid confirmation and to Pertti Äyräs and Jari Ruomomäki for checking my audio file.