Radio Monumental transmitting from Chaco-i/Asunción  is a fairly new station beginning broadcasting on November 1, 2010. I managed to hear the station in October 2011 with a relatively stable signal but of course heavily splashed by EU-stations. The frequency 1080 is a difficult one what comes to hearing stations from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. By far the most common South American stations to be heard on this frequency in Scandinavia are the Venezuelans R Barcelona and R Venezuela of Maracay followed by the Colombians R Eco, Cali and R Autentica, Villavicencio.

R Monumental is transmitting 24 hours a day with a varying program format. Some of the station’s key persons are Carlos Baez, Luis Bareiro, Ruben Rodriguez, Kike Casanova, Oscar Acosta and Menchi Barriocanal.

After a couple of email reports I finally got a short confirmation of my reception of R Monumental via Facebook.