ZYK354 R Rosario 1210

Rádio Rosario, Serafina Correa, RS was heard in Lemmenjoki in October 2010 on 1190 surprisingly fading up over R América, Buenos Aires with a pretty good signal just in time for a local break after the top of the hour and before the start of programming from Milícia da Imaculada. A nice confirmation was received via Facebook from Camilia Panassolo. The first BRA-verification on 1190  for me from one of the southern states of Brazil.

The frequency 1190 is occupied by a number of Brazilian stations all of which have the possibilities of being audible in Scandinavia during selective openings. During more northerly  cx the most common Brazilians here are CBN Natal RN, R Juazeiro BA and R Rio Vermelho GO. R América BA, however, usually completely dominates the frequency during southernly cx making it difficult  for stations from the states of, e.g., SP, RS, SC and PR to be audible.

Rádio Rosario was established in mid-December 1984 and serves the entire Serafinense region of Rio Grande do Sul and mostly carries religious programming..