Radiio La Cronica 1320

Radio La Cronica is not a very unusual peruvian on the AM band. Have logged this several times here in my home QTH in southern Finland on 1320  with short antennas. The station was a pretty usual peruvion on 9520v kHz in the 31 m.b. especially during the 60’s and 70′ but was also logged in the 90’s here before closing down on SW.  Pertti Äyräs logged the station first in Finland in 1963. Radio La Cronica is the sister station to Radio Nacional del Perú and belongs to Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisión del Perú (RTP).

When I last heard the station in September 2012 it also carried the “Radio La Cronica” id. After some trials I recently received a nice email confirmation from Francisco Mejorada Chauca, Jefe de Programación. Mil gracias Francisco!