KTRC was logged during the on-going LEM319 DX-pedition to Lemmenjoki by Hannu Niilekselä and myself. A very rare log indeed. The station faded up on 1260 just in time for the top on the our ID over CFRN Edmonton that at the same time faded down! KTRC was audible only for some 20 seconds but the ID was luckily very clear and KTRC’s PD Brad Brown noted “…I am the Program Director of KTRC-AM Talk 1260 in Santa Fe, New Mexico and can confirm that is my voice”. Thanks Brad for your fast response and reception confirmation of KTRC! Citing from the stations WEB page one notes that KTRC carries a progressive talk radio programming and radio shows consisting primarily of news, talk, comedy, interviews, guest editorials, and listeners’ telephone calls.