WOSO 1030

WOSO San Juan PR on 1030 has been a heavily hunted PR-station for several decades by Scandinavian listeners. On November 4, 2013 it was heard in Lemmenjoki with the TOH-id “This is WOSO Radio in San Juan” before CBS News at 0200 UTC. Otherwise carrying ESPN at least for a couple of hours when fading up and down on the frequency without a sign of WBZ on de 280 degree wire. Pekka Kostiainen heard WOSO in Kuopio one hour earlier and as far as I know this must be the first logging of WOSO in Finland. Gert Nilsson heard the station in Sweden in late October and Hannu Niilekselä again in Lemmenjoki in mid November, i.e., ca one week ago. Kurt Norlin in Skellefteå, Sweden  appears to have the first QSL from WOSO in Scandinavia, dating back to 1991.

A radpid confirmation of my report was received from WOSO via Facebook. My PR QSL #50.