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Chami Radio 1140

During LEM334 we experienced a rather interesting opening towards Peru on November 13 around 05 UTC. At that time the band was rather quiet  with weak signals from several stations many of them that turned out to be Peruvians. A surprisingly strong signal was noted on 1140 and turned out to be Chami Radio transmitting from the city of Otuzco in the department of La Libertad situated in the northern highlands of Peru.

Together with Santa Rosa 1500v, TurboMix 1540v and Bethel 1570, Chami Radio was booming in on 1140 for about half an hour giving very frequent  ID´s: “Chami Radio – Señal de Libertad”.

A Facebook confirmation was received confirming my reception. Thank you Chami Radio!!

Below a mp3 containing the station’s ID as received in Lemmenjoki.

Radio Lider 970

During LEM334 we had a pretty nice opening towards Perú between 0430-0600 UTC on November 13. The common peruvians such as Santa Rosa 1500v, Turbo Mix 1540.5 and Bethel 1570 were noted with huge signals. A very surprising log was Chami R, Otuzco, La Libertad completely alone on 1140 sharp. R Moderna, Lima was noted on 930 and last but not least of the files checked so far: Radio Líder in Cajamarca on 970, also this station alone on the frequency. The signal was relatively weak but clear. Thanks Henrik Klemetz for also verifying my hearing!

Yesterday I received a short Facebook message from Radio Líder telling: “Recibido su mensaje Sr. Jan-Erik! Saludos para ud. y toda su familia. Gracias por escribirnos, nos alegra mucho y nos anima a seguir adelante. Saludos desde Cajamarca, Perú!”


I heard Radio Santa Beatriz on 1350 AM (actually on a clear split below 1350)  in early February 2012 in Lemmenjoki during LEM317. At that time the signal was rather weak, however both the AM and FM frequency was clearly announced. Later I also have managed to hear the station in my home QTH in Borgå. The station is part of Radiodifusora El Sur to which also e.g. Radio Las Vegas also in Cusco belongs. After several tries I finally got a confirmation on my reception from José Raul Tapia Acurio. Gracias José!

R Kalikanto logo

Radio Kalikanto, formerly known as R Onda Cero, is one of the most commonly heard Peruvians on the upper part of the AM band in Scandinavia. Usually with a somewhat distorted signal on a slight split of 1640 the station seems to be transmitting irregularly now a days (?) since rumors about that the station license has been revoked has been mentioned. Torolf Johnsson was probably one of the first in Scandinavia to note this station in 2009, and the identity was nailed by Henrik Klemetz, once again.

I have logged the station several times here in my home QTH in Biorgå. Recently I got a nice confirmation on my reception from David Torres Boza who wrote: “gracias Jan-Erik, de verdad nos satisface  enormemente vuestra sintonia en el lejano pais de finlandia , su mensaje y cualquier mensaje del exterior es nuestra permamente agenda de reconocimiento,  el audio audio que nos envias  es efectivamente  nuestra programacion radial, tal como han indicado en la misiva. a usted y a todos los radioaficiionados un abrazo enorme,pronto llegarà nuestro sincero reconocimiento atravez de un aencomienda. gracias sigamos en contacto.”


Radiio La Cronica 1320

Radio La Cronica is not a very unusual peruvian on the AM band. Have logged this several times here in my home QTH in southern Finland on 1320  with short antennas. The station was a pretty usual peruvion on 9520v kHz in the 31 m.b. especially during the 60’s and 70′ but was also logged in the 90’s here before closing down on SW.  Pertti Äyräs logged the station first in Finland in 1963. Radio La Cronica is the sister station to Radio Nacional del Perú and belongs to Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisión del Perú (RTP).

When I last heard the station in September 2012 it also carried the “Radio La Cronica” id. After some trials I recently received a nice email confirmation from Francisco Mejorada Chauca, Jefe de Programación. Mil gracias Francisco!

R Pachatusan has been logged here in Borgå, my home QTH both on May 9 and May 17 on it’s slight split frequency of approximately 1239.92. During cx towards Perú 1240 has also been offering both Radio Líder, Arequipa, the most dominant peruvian here, but with a bad modulation, and a little bit lower in frequency and R María, Chilca a little above Pachatusan. R Pachasutan has been logged on several occasions also earlier this spring both in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The station is transmitting from Sicuani in the Vilcanota valley in the Province of Canchis, Departamento de Cuzco. The city is located a little over 100 km southeast of the city of Cuzco.

Thanks to the v/s help from Arnstein Bue (ABU) I received a friendly email from Jose Luis Quintasi Valer,
Pachatusan Deportes.

Feliz 25 Aniversario. Con motivo de las bodas de plata de Radio Naylamp enviamos nuestras felicitaciones para el dr. Juan José Grández Vargas, gerente general de la emisora.

(Courtesy Henrik Klemetz)

The peruvian station Radio Naylamp is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary later this year! The station was pretty frequently heard in Scandinavia during the 90’s on a variety of odd frequencies (see HK’s comments below) during good openings towards Peru. R Naylamp  is transmitting from Lambayeque in the Lambayeque region in nortwestern Peru. The region is bordered by the Piura Region on the north, the Cajamarca Region on the southeast, the La Libertad Region on the south and the Pacific Ocean on the west. The name Lambayeque is a Spanish derivation of the god Yampellec, said to have been worshipped by the first Lambayeque king, Naylamp.


Says Henrik Klemetz: “Dr. Juan José Grández Vargas, an obstetrician, is the general manager of this friendly station which will be celebrating its 25th anniversary on November 7, 2012.  See Naylamp (pronounced as “nailán” in Spanish) is a mythological figure, thought to have founded the kingdom of Sicán in the 9th C.  He disembarked on the shores of what is now the Peruvian department of Lambayeque. There are many representations of Naylamp and his totora raft (which inspired the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl to undertake his voyages on the Pacific), one of which can be seen on the splendid station pennant.

Radio Naylamp is no longer active on SW, but has been logged on many different frequencies in the 1990’s as shown at (with an audio clip at  and  also at
During the 1990’s the station was heard on 4299v between March 93 and April 94, then on 4549 from November 94 to May 95 .  From June 95 to April 96 Radio Naylamp was on 4154v. From July 96 and until March 97 the frequency was 5342v, followed by 5728v (in August 97) and 4398 (in February 99).
Thanks HK for these comments.
Personally I have four different QSLs from R Naylamp, all written and signed by the stations very listener friendly GM JJ Grández Vargas, who always submitted long and detailed dream QSL-letters. My first encounter with R Naylamp was in August 1991 when I lived in Santa Barbara, California. The station was heard almost every “day” during early night hours in California (local sunset in Perú). The reception in Southern California, with a 60 m longwire was good, peaking just around the Lambayeque local sunset which usually accounted reasonable signals for an hour or less.
Below I have included an mp3 audio comprising a minor “personal part” of a live transmission over R Naylamp in August 1991. The original magnetic tape (more than 45 minutes) I received from Juan José  in 1991.