Radio Maria Peru

R Maria Peru was heard simultaneously on 1550 and 1560 on April 27, 2015  in Sarvsalö/Borgå. Even though Bolivian Bendita Trinidad on 1540 was heard with moderate signals, the conditions this morning favored the southern parts of Perú but did not reach Bolivia (with the exception of Bendita). I anticipated, during my first check of the file, that the station on 1550 was R Independencia, Lima. After checking also 1560 I realized, that I had the same station on two neighboring frequencies. Checking the recordings carefully I found the ID “R Maria Perú” and “En Huancayo 1240 AM, en Talara 104.5 FM” What a coincidence! I received a FB message confirming my receptions of R Maria Peru on 1550 and 1560 with a notice that a letter had been sent to me my ordinary mail. On May 18 Pertti Äyräs noticed OAM7D R San Sebastian in Livitaca/Cusco on this frequency, a station that has been reported heard also in Sweden. On 1560 the new bolivian R Luz del Mundo(started officially on May 16), with it’s new transmitter and 5 kW, will make hearing R Maria here again much more difficult.