Radio_La_Vega 870

Radio La Vega 870 AM was heard both during LEM274 and LEM 290 in late January 2009 and 2010. The stations transmitter site is located in the city of La Vega located almost mid-way between Santiago de Los Caballeros  and Santo Domingo.  Radio La Vega belongs to Medrano Group that also owns another DR-station logged in the Nordic countries namely R Olimpica, La Vega on 970. A couple of weeks ago I received a confirmation on my reception of R La Vega after a f/up.

Jari Ruohomäki (JPR) made the first logging of R La Vega in Finland on November 11, 2007. The by far most common stations from the Caribbean Islands on 870 are R Reloj, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba and WQBS San Juan, Puerto Rico.