HJBH Radio Magdalena 1420

Radio Magdalena was heard with good signal on October 24, 2014 in Lemmenjoki. The station is quite regularly heard on 1420 in Finland as is Vida AM in Manizaleas. Magdalena was first logged in Finland in January 1987 and the first reported QSL from the station was received by Pekka Kostiainen (PK), then under the name Caracol Santa Marta, in 1993. During the last couple of years the station has re-taken the old name R Magdalena which is nice. I personally wish that all HJ-stations belonging to the big chains Caracol, RCN and Colmundo etc would to the same.

Surprisingly I found that I never had reported Caracol Santa Marta even though I have heard it several times both in Lapland and in my home QTH so now I sent a report to R Magdalena and received a confirmation.