Radio Hulha Negra 1450

Rádio Hulha Negra on 1450 has been heard now and then but is definitely not an easy catch as is no BRA on 1450. Jari Ruohomäki was probably the first to log this in Finland and Ole Forr in Scandinavia a little bit earlier some 5-6 years ago if my aging memory is correct. I have heard the station a couple of times since my first logging on January 28, 2008 during PÄ’s and mine LEM258 pedition.

Cricúma  is a city  in the state of Santa Catarina located 180 km south of Florianópolis and some 900 km south of São Paulo. The city is the center of Brazil’s flooring and home materials industry, and is the second-largest such center in the world.

I have sent several reports by email to Rádio Hulha Negro without response. Finally, a week ago a Facebook message arrived telling me that my previous messages had been regarded as spams with the included mp3 and photos. Maybe it is worthwhile to report stations without files that throw them into the trash can? Anyway a most wanted response from my BRA QSL # 11 on 1450!