During the LEM333 and LEM334 pedition to Lemmenjoki  November 2-16, 2013 we encountered very disturbed conditions due to the higher than normal proton levels. As a result, with a few exceptions, the conditions were almost all the time pushed south towards the southern states of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay so the 255 degree antenna was mostly the only one catching trans-Atlantic signals. To hear anything from US/Canada was hopeless. During proton activity the northerly path over the Pole becomes blocked, the more north you are the worse.

The good thing with this situation was, however,  that many nice catches were done south of North America and especially from LP/Brazil and also, during a couple of occasions, from the Caribbean and Perú.

On new catch for me was that of LV15 Radio Villa Mercedes in the Province of San Luís, Argentina on 640 on November 3, 2013.The station was surprisingly alone on the frequency without any interference from the normally dominating “super power” in Porto Alegre, RS. I captured a nice legal ID “Radio Diez, la Radio. LV15 Radio Villa Mercedes AM 640 y FM 99.9 y en todo El Mundo”.

A nice FB confirmation was received last night: “Hola Jan-Erik! Recibimos su mensaje y lo leímos al aire. Qué alegría saber que nuestra señal llegó tan lejos. Efectivamente nuestra emisora se llama LV15 Radio Villa Mercedes AM 640 y transmite desde dicha localidad en la Provincia de San Luis (Argentina). Le enviamos un afectuoso saludo y gracias por escribirnos! Miguel Gauna, Locutor”. Mil gracias Miguel!