WDNO 960

WDNO AM 960 is transmitting from Quebradillas(-Camuy), Puerto Rico. Quebradillas is known as “La Guarida del Pirata” (the pirate’s hideout) and “La Ciudad del Cooperativismo” (the cooperativism city). This town derives its name from the large amount of streams that run through the town. The name literally means “small streams”. Quebradillas is bordering the Atlantic Ocean, north of San Sebastiánl; east of Isabela; and west of Camuy.

WDNO – 960 AM Solo Escúchanos – has surprisingly been heard several times by listeners in Norway, Sweden and Finland during the last few years. The station has a non-directional pattern and according to WRTH transmitting 1/1.7 kW. The pattern is a plus for skips to make it all the way up north but the power is rather low on such a low AM frequency. Maybe the solar maximum has helped.

On November 4, 2013 during LEM333 I was able to hear WDNO during the nearly only reasonable opening towards the Caribbean and Orinoco during two weeks. The higher than normal proton levels effectively blocked interference from US/Canada so no sign of frequency dominants such as, e.g., WEAV Plattsburgh NY. During the same period also WOSO San Juan 1030 was heard without WBZ interference and WLRP San Sebastián 1460 with no sign of e.g. Colombian Nuevo Continente.

A short email confirmation was rapidly received from WDNO signed by Kitzi J. Díaz Ríos, Asistente Administrativo. Gracias Kitzi!!