Bienvenidos a Radio Norteña AM 1520

La radio de todos los residentes provincianos.

The logging of Radio Norteña on November 14 during the last hours of my LEM334 pedition came as a total surprise. After previously having heard Gualeguay, Metropolitana, Chascomus and Fortaleza here from ARG I certainly did not expect this. Transmitting from Los Polvorines, a district in the northeast corner of Provincia de Buenos Aires the station serves the community for “immigrants” from Argentina’s “folklore centre”, Santiago del Estero to the Greater BA area. The program heard was “El Rincón Santiagueño”  together with the stations ID including the web address “radionorteñ” (actually it should be but the .ar was left out in the announcement!).

Last night I got a confirmation of my rather good mp3 from the stations head José Barraza. Mil gracias José! And big thanks to Henrik Klemetz for picking out some additional program details!