WLRP Radio Raíces, San Sebastián 1460 was a most wanted catch on November 4, 2013 during the nice Caribbean opening giving many PR-stations including also WDNO 960 and  WOSO 103o in addition to WTIL 1300 and of course the more common ones. Three personal new PR-loggings was a jack-pot for me. As we all know, 1460 is a frequency that almost always is totally blocked by Nuevo Continente in Bogotá and very few other stations has been logged in the Nordic countries what comes to Orinoco- and Central America/Caribbean stations.

My hearing was instantly confirmed by a very nice email from Ramón Edwin Colón Pratts who, among others, tells that he and his wife Ivelisse Rodriguez Droz some years ago visited, apparently during a Sea Cruise, both Helsinki and Stockholm as well as St. Petersburg and Tallinn!

The station can be found at http://www.wlrpam.net. However, as of now, I have not been able to check it out because Google informs  “server not found”.

Gracias Ramón por su respuesta!!!