Listening to radio stations from the Americas

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Radio Exclusiva, Guatemala was surprisingly heard in the Sarvsalö QTH on November 28, 2017 with a Radio Maratón 2016 px from the TV station Canal 27 in Guatemala. The station was heard between 0620 and ca. 07 UTC and was heard also in Sweden simultaneously by at least three DXers. Again it was Henrik Klemetz who nailed the station identity. Thanks Henrik. A confirmation arrived on a f/up recently.

Around November 20, 2016 and especially on November 19 a religious SS station was reported with strong signals by many DXers in Scandinavia. In the Sarvsalö QTH the station was heard preaching with a very strong signal. “Misión Cristiana Elohim” was resolved by Henrik Klemetz. Radio Elohim, San Salvador is also listed on 1120 AM in WRTH. A short FB message confirmed my audio mp3.

Radio Sol Poder de Dios came up beautifully on January 24, 2017 in Lemmenjoki during an evening opening towards the southern parts of Perú. No sign of the Peruvian Radio Chami during these southerny cx. Radio Sol provided a good ID during a phone-in px. Radio Sol was previously transmitting on 1300. Thanks to Henrik Klemetz I was lucky to receive a confirmation on my report. Gracias Oscar!

This station is a relatively new one on 1500. Transmitting from Isidro Casanova, Provincia de Buenos Aires it was heard in Lemmenjoki during LEM379 in January 2017.  A short FB message confirmed my mp3 file submitted.



Arnstein Bue 1963-2016

Arnstein Bue, one of the most active DX-ers in the Nordic Countries died after a long battle with a serious illness on May 9, 2016.  Arnstein’s special DX-interest was North American and Latin American AM radio stations. During his DX-career, that spanned for 43 years (1973-2016) he received more than 1800 verifications from North American radio stations and from more than 1000 stations in Latin America.

Our thoughts go to his wife Heidi and their two sons. Sleep in peace Arnstein!

Tropicalísima 13-50

Surprisingly enough XEKQ Tropicalísima 13-50 faded up with a nice ID during one of the very few poor NA openings during the LEM357 pedition last October. This station is the most commonly heard Mexican on 1350 nowadays. For decades after signing on in 1940, XEQK was known as the time-signal station “La Hora Exacta”. In the late 90´s the station added also music to it’s time format. Mika Mäkeläinen  (MTM) was the first one in Finland to log this station in 1995. My mp3 audio was confirmed by a short Facebook message without signature.

Via Arnaldo Slaen, dxld yg (15/11-2015) via Jan Edh, ARC we learn that a process has been initiated to move Brazilian AM radio stations to FM only. The President of Brazil some days ago signed a decree authorizing stations to leave the AM band in favor for FM. The reason is, that there is a need to improve the audio quality and competitiveness of the the radio stations thus making them more attractive for advertisers.

“It is excellent news for all national broadcasters, not only because it addresses the needs and expectations of broadcasters. The decree also establishes a new framework for investments and innovations in the sector, pushing the radio to become more competitive to better serve its listeners and the market, “said the president of Brazilian Association of Radio and Television (Abert), Márcio Villela. Abert estimates that of the present 1784 AM stations operating in Brazil, some 90% will be moved to the FM band only.

To us DXers this is indeed very sad news. We will now witness the trend that has already been taking place in, e.g., Canada, not to forget the large amount of stations on the Caribbean Islands that have moved to FM. Similar discussions is also taking place in another major AM radio market in the Americas, namely México. My guess is, that the biggest radio market in the Americas, the US will soon follow.

The trend is clear, however, and there is nothing we can do about it. Not only will stations move to FM but also the web-radios are increasingly taking market shares making AM radio less attractive for the audience and for advertisers. We now that of course. What the time frame will be before all of these plans have been completed remains to be seen. My estimation is, that the AM band, within ten years or less, will resemble the situation we today have on SW. There will not be much left for us DX freaks to hunt for on AM. Maybe the band is still full of stations during the coming solar minimum around 2020, maybe not.