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Las 40_1

Las 40_8

Las 40 on 1450,  has been heard a handful times in the Nordic countries. Probably the first logging in Finland was made during the LEM243 expedition (JEÖ&PÄ) in February 2007. I noticed the station again during LEM354 on February 24. No sign of the channels ARG dominant R El Sol, Quilmes, BA at that time. Las 40 carried Argentinian folklore programming and the identity was nailed by the YL ID “Música Argentina, AM Las 40, Folclórica de Argentina”.

Thanks to Henrik Klemetz, I rapidly got a confirmation from Andy Peredes, owner of the FM station Radio Activa San Juan on 88.7 FM and at the same time working at Las 40. Andy tells that the station´s effective power presently  is 7 kW which is one explanation that the station has been heard recently (WRTH2015 lists the power to 1/0,25 kW!). Andy also mentions, that the station started it’s transmissions on April 2, 2001 on both 140 and FM 105.1. Andy is married and has two daughters aged 10 and 4. He included some 40 pictures of the station, of the city and of his family. Muchisimas gracias por su amabilidad Andy!


Radio La Gauchita 850

A very big surprise was found when going through files recorded on February 25, 2015 in Lemmenjoki during LEM354. On 850 a station playing Argentinian folklore was noticed fading under R Carve that was booming in with a very strong signal. Just before 05 UTC the folklore became stronger and seconds before 05 sharp Carve dived and left the frequency free for a TOH ID:”Transmíte Radio La Gauchita, desde Morón, Capital Federal de Gran Buenos Aires”! R La Gauchita is listed in WRTH2015 on 810 AM but moved to 850 during the latter half of 2015 according to Marcelo A. Cornachioni (ConexionDigital). I immediately received an email confirmation on my submitted mp3 from Carlos Pampillón, Director. Mil gracias Carlos!


Radio Guri 1180

1180 is usually dominated by R Mundial, Rio de Janeiro during cx towards the southern countries of South America. The other Brazilian stations listed on this frequency are more or less rare. A handful of them have, however, been heard in Finland, such as R Capital MA, R Cultura Alfenas MG and R Guaco, Todledo, PR, to mention a few.

Jari Ruhomäki was the first one in Finland to hear R Guri in 2012. My own logging of the station is from February 22, 2015 during LEM354, when Guri faded up just at the right moment from a bunch of Brazilians present, one of them R Cultura, Alfenas. A FB message confirmed my reception of R Guri.

Radio Jovem Pan 1020

ZYH247 R Jovem Pan, Maceió is a quite commonly heard Brazilian here thanks to it split 1029.93v. The frequency is interesting, since quite a few stations have been heard, e.g., R Folha, R Educadoro do Carirí, R Macambira, R Cenecista etc. The most common southern LA-stations here are perhaps Argentinian R Universidad Nacional del Litoral and the Paraguay station R Ñanduti on its high split 1020.10v. A short confirmation arrived from Jovem Pan on a reception report of February 22, 2015.

CMBF R Musical Nacional 590

On April 25, 2015  the Cuban radio station CMBF Radio Musical Nacional celebrated it’s 67th year of broadcasting.
The station carries almost entirely classical music. CMBF, also carries the slogan “La Emisora Cultural de Cuba”, is not one of the most common Cubans to be heard in the Nordic countries. During LEM274 PÄ and I logged the station on, e.g., January 30, 2009, during very good cx towards the Caribbean Islands. Some time ago I sent out some follow ups to LA-stations among them one to CMBF. Saimi Reyes, periodista de CMBF Radio Musical Nacional
confirmed my reception today. Gracias Saimi!!

WQSC 1340

WQSC Charleston SC is heard every now and then in the northern parts of the Nordic countries. My own logging of WQSC, or “1340 The Voice”, was made in Lemmenjoki in early March 2013. I have been very lazy with sending reception reports during the last half year but some days ago I sent a report to WQSC and my report was confirmed by a Facebook message. In addition to confirming my written px-details, the station mentions that they are not allowed to open attached files (such as mp3’s) due to the spam risk. This is probably the case with very many stations today, so it is worthwhile to describe what you heard as well as you can in writing and not only rely on that the receiver will open your attached audio file.