The logging of La Voz del Istmo in Panamá on January 31, 2009, during Pertti Äyräs and mine once-in-a-life time pedition to Lemmenjoki – LEM274, was definitely one of the best catches during said pedition. It is not very easy to pass RCN Barranquilla during cx towards Colombia and Panamá! As far as I know the station has been heard only once before in Finland: Matti Jääskeläinen’s logging of the station back in 1963!! Prior to our 2009 logging, the previous loggings in Scandinavia have been made in 1972 by Leif Blomqvist in Halmstad and Lars-Eric Svensson in Kvänum, both in Sweden. A short email from verified my reception of HOXO in 2009.