Some Central American pennants I have received from Latin American radio stations during the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are presented here. Pennants from South America will follow.

The QSL-letters received in the past by snail mail, especially if they where thick and containing a nice pennant, was one of the highlights of the past for a DXer. Today we can only hope that our email responses also include some logos (which of course can be downloaded from the web), and more importantly, some authentic and personal station audio recordings. Time passes and we as DXers have to adjust to the changing world. And we have done just that! Some 10 years ago many DXers argued that QSLs received by email could not be accepted. All of them, or at least 90% of them, have changed their minds. The same happened with the introduction of SDRs – many of us looked upon these equipments as not true equipments for DXing.  It was more or less seen as cheating! Surprisingly – or maybe not –  most DXers,  if not all, are nowadays equipped with SDRs in their DX endeavours! SDRs are for DXers as are the doping methods in sports….?

Pertti Äyräs and myself have many times discussed and memorized the situation on the AM band during the late 60’s and early 70’s during our many peditions together. How could it be possible, e.g., to catch so many very rare Latin American stations in downtown Turku with either an indoor loop or some wires of 30-100m in lenght? And the band was filled and clear! One can only imaging what the result had been if SDRs had been in place at that time with no interferences from the massive disturbances of today resulting from high density of household electronics. And at that time, the EU-stations had moderately week transmitters. Oh those good old days!