During the last years exceptionally many stations from 
Cuba have been noted on the AM band and with good signals 
up here in Scandinavia. Due to the fact that especially 
R Rebelde has many transmitters on the same frequency 
(such as 1180, 1550 and 1620) it is impossible to say 
from which of the transmitters the received signals are
originating. Despite the fact that, e.g. WRTH and many 
other lists list R Rebelde with both transmitter sites, 
and powers of transmission, one should be careful not
to log R Rebelde coming from a certain QTH if several 
Rebelde transmitters occupy the same frequency, which 
is the case in this post.
However, Radio Rebelde is well aware of their foreign 
listeners and they also mostly reply to listener reports. 
So also in my case:

"Querido amigo, nos place contarlo entre nuestros oyentes.  
Adjunto le enviamos la tarjeta QSL de confirmación de la 
sintonía de nuestra emisora Radio Rebelde.
Un abrazo Osana Osoria, Editora"

Muchas gracias Osana!