KWVR was heard with rather stable signals last week in Lemmenjoki. Of the five OR-stations on 1340 KWVR has been on the most wanted list for years. During last week the (October 20-27) the cx type favored heavily stations from the Mountain states  and the Pacific North West of USA. One should be very careful not to mix this with a much more common station on 1340, namely KWOR of Worland WY!

Alyssa Werst, Operations and Sales manager of KWVR confirmed by submitted mp3-audio in a couple of hours telling me “…And yes, that’s us!  The liner (male voice) is a canned liner of ours, and the weather report is my voice.  We are located in the north eastern corner of Oregon and it’s snowing today, and have at least a 6,000 listeners in our area.  We are glad you were able to reach us.” Thanks Alyssa for you nice response!