KMTA  a station I have been looking for for years. During the LEM319 expedition together with Hannu Niilekselä the cx towards North America war more or less locket to the Mountain and Pacific North West states of the US, resulting in many nice receptions from, e.g., Montana. KMTA transmits from Miles City located some 150 miles to the east of Billings MT. Mr. Terry Virag is the Manager of KYUS FM/KMTA AM. Terry is a central figure in the broadcasting scene in the state of Montana managing also over, e.g., KIKC in the neighboring city of Forsyth. During some twenty minutes during last weeks DX-pedition I was lucky to hit a jack-pot: heard KATL 770 and KMTA of Miles City, KIKC Forsyth 1250 and KYYA Billings on 730!

Last night I received an email from Terry Virag telling me “Yes…That was my voice on the station ID.  We are using an all solid state BE 10,000 watt AM transmitter that goes to 136 watts at night so the ionosphere skip is fantastic.  From one to another…It is good hearing from you.”.

Thanks Terry for your kindness in responding!