La voz del Rio Tarqui

Definitely one of my best loggings from Ecuador was made on May 22, 2005 around 0130 UTC, just at sunrise in Finland, in the form of HCJA5 La Voz del Rio Tarqui, Cuenca. It is well known that late May and early June can be very good times for receptions especially towards Bolivia, but also towards Perú and Ecuador.

My logging of La Voz del Rio Tarqui on 1290 maybe unique in Europe, but the stations has been logged occasionally earlier on the short wave bands. The probably first logging of the station in Finland was done by Timo Kajamaa in 1971 on 3395 in the 90 m.b. Jari Korhonen heard the station on the new frequency of 3286 in 1983 and the station was logged by several Scandinavian DX-ers on this frequency up to 1992 when it left the short wave bands. La Voz del Rio Tarqui was established in 1960 by Don Manuel Pulla.

For me it turned out to be a long journey towards a confirmation of my AM report. Not surprisingly, the Master in accomplishing this was Henrik Klemetz (HK). Henrik had several contacts during September and October this year, both by phone and by emails, with the station’s Gerente General Rosa Maria Pulla, who also phoned Henrik at least once via Skype. All in all without Henrik’s determined help I would never have got a verification from La Voz del Rio Tarqui.

Thanks Henrik and I hope to see Josefina, Ida Sofia and yourself in Borgå in January!