ZYL247 Radio Difusora 1470

R Difusora, Ituiutaba, MG has lately surprisingly often surfaced on “the golden frequency” 1470. Today I received a confirmation on two reports to the station, one from LEM345 in October 2014 and one from LEM354 in February 2015. This became my QSL # 35 from Central and South American stations transmitting on 1470! R Difusora was probably heard for the first time in Finland by Pertti Äyräs on October 15, 2014. It is rather surprising that this station has surfaced during the last half year here in the north after having been transmitting on 1470 since 1959! Something has happened with their transmitter site and/or pattern? When I heard it in February it wast the strongest of the Brazilians simultaneously on the frequency. The other identified were R Papacaca, Bom Conselho, PE and R Rural de Parelhas, RN. Other more or less common Brazilians in the Nordic countries are, e.g., R Guanacés de Itapajé CE and R Record, São José, SC.